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Maximum Ride

No description

Leah Bibula

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride
The Angel Experiment
Spoiler Alert

It is difficult for the flock to keep their secret (that they have wings and no parents) because multiple times in the book they come close to telling/showing there secret. For example in the book they are escaping from Erasers (male models that can morph into mutant dogs/wolfs who are trained to kill the flock). The Flock will do any thing to escape the Erasers that they sometimes will take the risk of flying through city's to get away from the Erasers.
The flock
by the way, each of the members of the flock has wings. Max, She is a mostly fearless leader of her friends that escaped with her from the school which is their worst night mare. The school is like a lab, it's where they were made or so they think. Her friends and their ages are including Max age 14 Fang age 14, Iggy age 14, (max, iggy, and fang were not born on the same day) Nuge age 12, the Gasman age 8, and Angel age 6. The Gasman And Angel are siblings, the rest (max,fang,iggy,andnuge) are not related.
This book is about the angel experiment. They were picking strawberry's and the erasers stole angel. The flock need to find away to get her back.
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