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No description

Brandon price

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of iphone

iPhone 3 devices in 1 introducing the end what is a iphone?? bibliography
http://www.iphonegold.org/iphone-timeline.html How does it work?

iphone has a multi-touch screen which you can control everything on your iPhone with a tap, a flick or a pinch of your fingers. what software does it use it only takes apple software. companys make apps for the iphone but is still run by apple can it be used by multiple users?? iphone cant be used by more then 1 person when your using it for personal use but you can when playing games that are two player Power and battery

you charge iphone by a USB to computer system or power adapter
The audience iphone is directed at business man, people who like to be organised and any one who have the money to afford them advertisment
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