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Lucie Millo's intern experience at IBM

No description

Lucie Millo

on 1 October 2016

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Transcript of Lucie Millo's intern experience at IBM

Her shot was cut out for a curious reason
The variety of the relationships is the main point here
Louise's and Lucie manage to fix the chaos in 2/3 weeks
Clients appreciate the dedication and also the smile
Lucie missing from the Leading to Africa promotion video
Total disastrous HR situation calmed down
Relationships created
Around 30 of the 60 individuals working on the DWP account in IBM were third party resources who had to be on-boarded in a certain way and following stringent processes in order for them to be identified as IBM resources on the programme, and to be able to access IBM tools including ILC, the IBM labour claiming tool. 2 months in the contract, these 30 individuals were still not successfully on-boarded.
2 Louise's and Lucie worked as a team to get this happening as efficiently as possible, organising our tasks including ringing each individual up asking for certain information and giving them instructions on what to do in order to finally become official IBMers. Chasing and panicking people had its stressful moments for the 3, but the feeling when achieved was worth it.
Lucie has had the opportunity to get to network with individuals ranging from IBMers from skills ranging from Mainframe or Cloud experts, to high up Project Exec's, to interns working on different accounts. She has also hosted IBMers coming to visit the teams from countries such as India, and made them feel as welcome as possible. Her relationship with the client has included DVLA, Concentrix, Capita and BBC staff.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Additional funds per competency were needed hence a new contract signed
Non anticipated +325k for IBM
Achieved signature for allowance of having the client work on IBM grounds for up to 2 years
The importance of working in the same office as the client was rapidly seen as essential for the Capita BBC TVL account to work smoothly. The IBM Project Exec managed to get approvals of this unusual demand and Lucie leaded the organisation of the whole process to work. This included tough tasks such as negotiating the use of certain areas of the building or having to succumb to IBM having to pay for certain facilities in order for the client to accept the quote that we finally gave them for access to the desks. Lucie did not manage to issue permanent badges for the client on the first week they were there which meant they had to be escorted everywhere proving to be uncomfortable. This only pursued for 5 days though thanks to Lucie chasing security for issuance of these. All in all, the close to 40 IBMers and Capita resources are now working as close as ever together and fingers crossed this shall keep going.
Lucie Millo's key achievements at IBM
The hard work Lucie put into creating and updating the financial tracker and frequently engaging on it with the client boomed the trust DVLA had for IBM and the funds we were using. DVLA high level management team eventually scheduled a meeting with me in order to go through the finances carefully and potentially consider adding more funds to the project. Lucie went through thorough preparation, anticipating any sort of a question on the dynamics of the work IBM were having to deliver in order to ensure the service required was delivered successfully and translating this into the figures this involved. She came out with a guarantee and confirmation of a 'to be' signed contract of an additional £325,000 for IBM. Her manager being the Project Executive of the account signed the contract himself a few days after alongside the head of IT services for DVLA.
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