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Marion eda Caalim

on 22 September 2013

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In times of financial crisis, most of us have a tight grip on our money; therefore, we need to find ways that can help us save money but at the same time not compromise the objects or things we desire. Hollow block concrete units can be considered as a good choice for different types of construction. For an instance, buildings today have cement mix which are very costly. Not only is that, the things that needs to be incorporated in the project expensive as well.There are hollow blocks that are very expensive and are very weak. The problems that we came up with are the factors that make cement stronger ye making it cheaper.With the help of powdered oyster shells and plastic bottles that are cut into pieces we can already make lasting and good quality of hollow blocks. This project can benefit a lot of people with its reliable product.
• Which type of hollow block can withstand more pressure between a hollow block composed of cut plastic bottles and a hollow block composed of crushed oyster shells?
After the hollow blocks were prepared, strength is tested and pressure applied was recorded.
Of all types of hollow blocks, why did we choose the use of oyster shells and cut out plastic bottles in creating hollow blocks?
Is it advisable to use these types of hollow blocks?
What will be our tentative answer to the problem?
The hollow block with the components of oyster shells can endure more pressure than the other hollow block since we have seen churches and houses that are built a long time ago using these types of hollow block and most of those buildings are still standing strong.
Null Hypothesis:
Hollow blocks with components of oyster shells are not really frequently used in the construction of different modern infrastructures. Nowadays, only ordinary hollow blocks are more convenient for the public than any other type of hollow block. This is why there is a chance that our hypothesis can be proven as false.

Related Studies:
• Oyster Shells
According to a researcher by the name of Benjamin Chima, who carried out an experiment out of oyster shell, oyster shells are chemically consist of 95% calcium carbonate,3.5% silicate and a trace of other elements like aspartic acid,glycine,calcium phosphate, zinc, manganese, aluminium etc.Because of its high calcium content, it encourages growth and bone formation.It is equally used as an admixture in the production of concrete.
• Plastics
Plastics are synthetic or semi-synthetic organic materials used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. They are typically polymers of high molecular mass and often incorporate additives to improve performance and/or decrease production costs. Plastics make up a vast array of products that humans interact with daily. Its usage has grown exponentially over the past century and continues to grow. Thus, it is of the utmost urgency that we address their production, usage, and waste.

save money, energy and time
NOT JUST affordable BUT also durable
. It will be both done by dropping both blocks in the second floor of a building which is 15 feet above the ground. To be able to compute for the pressure applied for the both blocks, unit force (which is mass multiplied by acceleration [distance/time2]) will be divided by the area. To be able to make sure that the same pressure was applied in dropping, rubber strip will be used to push the blocks .That the rubber was stretched. That block which only breaks a little compared to the other after dropping is considered as the more durable block. Height will be increased until the block will eventually break down to small pieces. Pressure in every altitude will be recorded to know how much pressure the block can’t stand.
we’ve proven that hollow blocks with the components of oyster shells can withstand more pressure that the other hollow blocks.
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