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Treatment of Women in The Crucible

No description

Martin Ma

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Treatment of Women in The Crucible

Treatment of Women in
The Crucible

Male Judges
Male Minister
Suspected Witches?
The suspect of committing witchcraft is more likely to be a woman than a man at that time
No High Status
People who have high social status and reputation are usually men rather than women
Stay At Home!
Women are expected to do house chores rather than own some acres of land to do farm work
What is the family dynamic in your home?
Arthur Miller’s treatment of women in
The Crucible
-Minority of society
-Marginalized group
Female Slaves and Servants
The Crucible
, females are
-minority of society
-marginalized group
In Conclusion
Mary Warren
Samuel Parris
Marginalized Group
Reverend Hale
Back to
today's society
Thanks for your patience!
Any question?
-Though feminists and organizations try hard to push the gender inequality, there is still a long way to go
-How does this idea relate to the family dynamic discussed before?
Martin Ma
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