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Wild Swans

A book project

Ala Rabhi

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Wild Swans

Wild Swans:
Three Daughters of China Starring:
Jung Chang (daughter)
Bao Qin (mother)
Yu-fang (grandmother)
'Wild Swans' is an autobiography of a family's history in China.
author explains condition of life in the time of Mao Zedong.
no justice, bad treatment.
argues: could be worse than Hitler Mussolini. Let's start with the story of Chang's grandmother. Yu-fang lived in a poor family
Father made sure she became a concubine to a general
becasue of low-ranking status, life in luxury was tense 'cause she
feared servants and general's wife tell lies about her.
after 6 years a child was concieved (Chang's mother).
General died.
fearing general's wife conrols her and baby's life, runs away to parents house.
sends false info that baby died (miscarriage)
marries older doc., gives birth :) Bao Quin keen on working for the Red Army when the
revolution began.
had to watch friend get shot and teacher kicked
and slapped.
had miscarriage.
intellegent, likes adventures (like reading banned books).
left over 60 hours of talk on a recorgin tape telling her and
her mother's story.
Jung Chang:
author of book (duh)
joined Red Guards, made her parents
targets for pulic torture.
very smart and hard working
recieved scholarship to study Uni. in London.
Had to have her feet bound :S WHAT
do all these women have in common?
hate for Mao
want for better life
perhaps different traditions
The "undestructable human capacity to
survive and pursue happiness.

Which brings us to... ...morals and themes :)
Freedom love of family courage AAAHH it's happening AGAIN!!
*que scary music* JK :)
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