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Critical Research

women and film

Amy Watts

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of Critical Research

Katherine Bigelow Point Break
Near Dark
Hurt Locker
Strong, violent films, would appear
to be directed by a male. Jane Campion The Piano
Bright Star

Artsy, meaningful films that explore relationships Primary Research - facebook thread, questionnaire nobody knows anything about female directors!!!!!!!
split into groups 'media students' 'over 21's'
oscars coverage played a massive part in peoples responses,
would have been interesting to d a questionnaire before
oscars as i don't think as many people would know KB Primary research- focus group Watched - Julie &julia, 50 first dates,
when saturday comes, fight club,
bright star, mean girls and point break.
all different genres by both male and
female directors. on the whole, the
group used educated reasons for guessing
the gender of the direcor and these were
generally based on stereotypes and what
they expected to be the norm. they
stuggled wit curveballs such as point
break, a violent film based on
criminality by kathryn bigelow and
when saturday comes by maria geise
a film based in a mining town in
the north, depicting a mans strive
to make it as a foot-
baller. planning i began by choosing a topic,Women
and film, i then explored this
topic and chose to look more in
depth at female directors,
imparticularly Kathryn Bigelow and
Jne Campion, both completely diff-
erent yet successfull directors
in their own right.
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