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Profiling and getting the most from your list through segmentation and targeting

Email marketing best practice and case study

Edward Weatherall

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Profiling and getting the most from your list through segmentation and targeting

Profiling and getting the most from your list through segmentation and targeting In 2008, occupiers generated only 19% of turnover for Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield wished to significantly increase the revenue raised by occupiers of real estate

The campaign’s main objective was to increase the number of known occupiers, build relationships with key individuals and generate revenue from these leads.
114 Contact owners Occupiers of real estate, among Cushman & Wakefield’s existing client base and from unknown businesses with an annual turnover in excess of £40m and a staff of at least 500.
Private Equity


Business Space ‘Top ten tips’ campaign

Differing according to the specific needs of each sector

Reports to monitor which content was most successful.

Profile created through reporting metrics.
Regearing leases
Doing a better deal
Disposing of surplus space
Unlocking value from freeholds
Top tips looked at by clients The content of the seminars was directly influenced by the insights gathered from email marketing reporting Contact owners telephoned clients and tailored conversations according to profiles Four postcards, introducing Cushman & Wakefield and its market expertise, were sent over a three-week period.

Followed by a personalised letter that came bundled with a sector-relevant Top Ten Tips brochure.

Followed by a telephone call to the named individual, and an invitation to one of the five seminars
Results 1. Cushman & Wakefield’s main objective was to increase revenue from this largely untapped group. Six weeks after campaign end, it has generated in excess of £1.5m worth of business from Phase 1, and £200,000 from Phase 2. The business has increased its database of occupiers by 35%.
Creative Analytics Writer Planner / Strategist Seller Executioner Reporter Project manager Things have different values to different people Have a scoring mechanism Remember benchmarks are only so helpful How would you seperate your audiences? How would you collect email data? Things to think about Sender profiles


Formats – mobile

Length / relevance
Imagine life without email?
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