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The Gospel According To Larry

No description

Thomas Almassey

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Gospel According To Larry

The Gospel According To Larry By: Janet Tashjian Major Characters Description Attitude Towards Conflict Relationship Towards Other CharactersOther Ineresting Information
Josh the protagonist; he owns a webite, he's eco-friendly, and he's smart depressed Beth's friend and main characterhe is secretly in love with Beth
Beth Josh's best friend; she is smart and is a big fan of the Larry website mad Josh's best friendshe only likes Josh as a friend
Peter Josh's stepfather; he is nice, wise, and Josh's second favorite person angered Josh's stepfathergenerally nice; not fast towards anger

Minor Characters Description Attitude Towards Conflict Relationship Towards Other CharactersOther Ineresting Information
Todd he likes Beth and Beth likes him doesn't care he's a football jock
Josh's Mom she is dead she's dead she communicates spiritually with Josh
Katherine the stepfather's girlfriend; she is fat worried Peter's girlfriendshe is obsessed with Humpty Dumpty
Tracy Hawthorne the antagonist; she is a mean old woman that rats out Josh feels successful an old woman that bashes the Larry website; she is betagold
Characters Settings This book takes place in the New England
state of New Hampshire. It is cold most of the year and many maple trees grow in that specific area (thats how betagold finds him. Another important setting is Larryfest. This was located in Maine. Introduction and rising action One event that leads to the climax is when the Larry website gets more viewers than it can handle. Another rising action is when betagold sends the message that reads she is looking for him and trying to discover his true identity. U2 supporting the idea of the Larry and the Larry website. Climax Larryfest Because the Larry website got so many viewers, they hosted Larryfest. At Larryfest, many bands were playing, including U2, for no cost. The food costed money, but thats the only item of money value. This whole festival in Maine was all for Larry and all of his fans. This is also when Josh met betagold for the first time, he just didn't know it yet. Falling Action and Resolution Soon, they find out that Josh is Larry and he starts getting attacked by the media. Because of too much attention, he pretends to kill himself. This is ends up successfully, and everybody thinks he's dead. He goes to his own memorial and thinks about what he's done. The resolution is when he ends up thinking he should handle his own problems before he takes care of others. Theme The theme for this book is to be yourself instead of trying to become somebody you're not. Also, handle your problems before others because if you handle others, your life will be messed up. Reactions I hated this book because I couldn't relate to it and I hated the ending of it, but it was an easy read and it relates to the teenage life a little bit so it wasn't the worst just really bad. This book actually has made me think about how I live my life and about the cliches.
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