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No description

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Bleachers

Thank You! i love u all
Main character
Forgiveness: Neely has to forgive the way Eddie rake treated him. He has to forgive the fact that Eddie rake slapped him in the championship game. all of the wrong stuff he did in high school including breaking up with Cameron and going out with screamer.
Theme #2
Life isn't fair: He had dumped his girlfriend that he really loved. he got a divorce. He hated the fact that he could been a big shot in football and his career ending injury. After fifteen year he goes back to a town that he hated and sees his coach dying that's where he learns life isn't fair.
person vs self
Overall summary
The book is about a guy that has to forgive his mistakes and forgive his coach. He comes back to the town of Messina witch he hates and waits to his coach to die and talks with old teammates. At the end the coach dies and he learned how to forgive.

by: John Grisham
He had been the the best player of his team. He could probably been a pro but he got a career ending knee injury and now hates football.
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