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Civil Rights Act Movement

Civil Rights Act Movement

Julio Soriano

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights Act Movement

Double click anywhere & add an idea Organization KKK Was a racial group that didnt like blacks because of there color. Plus they wanted equal rights. Black Panthers To stand up and win all equal oppressed minorities NAACP To ensure political, social, and education .
Also to eliminate racial hatred. SNCC Help students work and give them a average slary of ten dollars a week. Some worked unpaid.. People MLKJR. Was a part of the boycott and help stop voilent.
He was a pearcher which follow his dad.. Rosa Park She was on a bus, and didnt give her seat up too a white man. Then she was arrested, and this is what cause the boycott.
Malcolm X He was an african that had similars things to king.
They both believe in freedom. He used to be a criminal
Strategies Montgomery Bus Boycott Was when they avoid riding the bus.
Because they want to take a stand. Sit-Ins To sit with one or more people to protest but nonvoilet. Freedom Summer
Freedom Rides
To get as much african americans to vote. Road Bus too the south inthough is was segragate Events
White Flight
Little Rock Nine Voting Right Act Of 1965 Civil Rights Act Of 1968 When whites flee there uban communties.
When the blacks inrolled in too all white school to stand up for rights.
To let african american be able too vote for president or congress. This act was too even discriminate . Like about race, housing religon, and ect.
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