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New Student Orientation

Academic, Visa and Local orientation for students at the Columbia School of English

Columbia English

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of New Student Orientation

Keeping Your Visa In-Status
Academic Success
Levels and Courses
CSE offers 7 different levels (0-6, Beginning to Advanced) and 3 core classes
9:30am – 3pm, Monday – Friday
: 1411 SW Morrison St., #350, Portland, OR 97205
Core Classes: 9:30am-12:20pm
Lunch: 12:20pm – 1pm
Workshop Classes
1pm – 1:50pm
10 minute break every class (i.e. 10:50-11:00)
3 lates = 1 absence
Too many absences can result in attendance warnings and being asked to leave the school. Arrive to the classroom before class begins.
In order to progress to the next level, you must have a least
Course Grades
Based on how well you do on: homework, quizzes, exams, presentations and other assignments.
You can check your grades any time by going to

Cell phones OFF or SILENT MODE (only for dictionaries and translators
No gum
Academic Honesty
...you are honest about the work you are doing.
What Is Cheating?
when you copy or "plagiarize" someone else's work, or when you let them copy yours.
Copying your answers from anywhere on the internet, books, magazines, newspapers, etc.
Examples of cheating include:
Copying off someone's test, quiz or exam.
Copying someone else's homework
Letting someone copy your homework
Students should
cheat on any test, quiz, or assignments
Level Progression
During the first week of class, if you feel you have been placed in the wrong level, speak with your teacher first. Your teacher and the Academic Coordinator will decide if you have the abilities needed to be placed at a higher level.
Students may not skip levels. Once the first week of class is over, only the teacher can recommend that a student be moved up.
To complete one level and progress to the next, you must pass the class with at least a 80%, including the final exam.
In the US, homework is a requirement, not an option. You can fail if you do not turn in homework.
Ask for help if you do not understand!
Columbia School of English has a
No Late Work Policy

Work must be submitted before or on the due date

Students are responsible for finding out what was assigned on days they are absent.

Assignments can be made up only in the case of a medical emergency
Warnings and Probation
Important for F-1 students
If you have less than an 80% average in your classes
Academic warnings start over each time your GPA exceeds 80%.
Important for F-1 students
Must attend at least 80% of all your classes
It is your responsibility to
maintain your student status.

It is not your school’s job to
maintain your status.

If you have questions during this presentation, please ask.

Read your I-20 carefully.
Student Certification
By signing your I-20 you are saying that you have only provided accurate information.
Providing false information to obtain an I-20 is punishable by law.
You may be deported if you do not
You may continue from one education level to another, simply by completing the transfer process.
You must maintain a valid foreign passport.
You are admitted for the duration of your status.
Attend the school specified on you visa.

Use the I-20 with the school name listed that matches your visa.
You are permitted to transfer to a different school provided the transfer procedure is followed.
By signing your I-20 you have authorized your school to release your information to the United States government upon request.
Authorization to Release Information

Failure to maintain status, or comply with United States law, or knowingly falsifying information on your I-20 may result in; arrest, deportation, and/ or exclusion from the United States for up to 10 years.

Your Name

Your SEVIS ID Number – Memorize it!

School Officials Signature – This makes your I-20 valid.

Your Signature – Your I-20 MUST be signed!

Your Program End Date – The first day of your 60 day grace period

Getting to Know Your I-20
You must have a valid passport, visa and either an initial I-20 or an I-20 with the third page signed by a DSO.
Notify your current school of your intent to transfer
Gain admission to your new school
Request to have your record transferred
Begin attending your new school on the first available start date
Getting Around
Available M – F
By Appointment
Michael Park

Martha Raab
Academic Coordinator
Available M – F
By Appointment
Finance Specialist
Available M - F
By Appointment

Who's Who at CSE
There is a difference between the Emergency Room (ER) and the Doctors Office
Find out about upcoming activities by looking at our website, signs around the school, and updates on our Facebook page!
Activities at CSE
Health Insurance
If you find yourself in an emergency, dial
Emergency Services
Portland Streetcar
MAX Lightrail
WES Commuter Rail
Portland Metro busses.
Trimet app for iPhone or Android.
Make sure that you get health insurance for your stay in the United States, or that trip to the doctor could cost you a lot of money!
Compass ISO Silver is a cost-effective plan with good coverage: http://www.isoa.org/compass_silver
Emergencies are things like:
A serious crime (especially if in progress)
A car crash (especially if someone is hurt)
A medical emergency - something that may be life-threatening to you or someone else.
Things To Do In Portland
Traveling Outside Portland
Amtrak (amtrak.com)
Bolt Bus - around Oregon and Washington (boltbus.com)
Portland International Airport (PDX)
Festivals, parades and gatherings on the weekends
Over 7,000 restaurants
A bustling downtown
Huge parks with beautiful views
Hiking in and around the city
Each term, the Columbia School of English will offer several activities.
Events include things like:
Lunch-time activities
Coffee Talk (conversation hour)
Holiday parties
Off-campus trips to festivals or popular destinations
For more information on transportation, check out our website at: http://www.cs.edu/transportation.html

Listening &

They only excused absence is a medical emergency (must have a doctor's note)
After 4 warnings you may be asked to leave CSE
After 4 warnings you may be asked to leave CSE
Keeping Your Scholar Status
Local Scholar Students
Attend class at least 80% of the time
GPA must be at least 80% (B-)
Will need to re-apply every term
F-1 Students
Michelle Swanson
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