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Road Trip To Seattle,WA

No description

mike thresher

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of Road Trip To Seattle,WA

Road Trip To Seattle,WA
Visitors can also see museums in Seattle. There is a museum of art in Seattle. Its on 1300 1st ave 98101 Seattle, Washington. Museum of History & Industry. There is a kid-struction zone for kids to play with blocks. They also have a mar time place to learn about mars. There is one musseum with Asian art. Its called the Seattle Asian art museum. It has Asian dances and Asian bands visit and do performances.

I want to go to Seattle.
I want to go to Seattle. Century link field is in Seattle which is where the sea hawks play. The sea hawks is my favorite NFL team. Seattle is next to the ocean. I like to go swimming and hang out on the ocean beach. I also like the rainy weather in Seattle. It rains a lot in seattle.I want to go to Seattle, WA.

Restraints in seattle
There are lots of restaurants in seattle. There is one called purple cafe and wine bar on 1225 4th ave.Lobster Mac And Cheese is one of the food items. Also there is one called wild ginger on 1401 3rd street. One of these things on the menu is lobster & prawn dumpling soup number 15 House-made Maine lobster and wild Patagonian pink prawn dumplings served in a wonton style broth, scallions, fried shallots and coriander leaves.One is called canlis which is on 2576 Aurora ave N. one of their main courses is Muscovy Duck- 28-day dry-aged duck breast with lentils and kumquat. Those are some of the restaurants in seattle.

Cool fact
Seattle is known for the best coffee.
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