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General Music-8th Grade

No description

Samantha Prindiville

on 13 September 2018

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Transcript of General Music-8th Grade

General Music-8th Grade
*About Me
*Contact Information
*1st Quarter-Music Technology; Composition,

*2nd Quarter-Guitar Unit; Chords, Picking, Note-Reading, Theory

*3rd Quarter-Film Scoring, Movies and Music

*4th Quarter-Music In Our Lives, Careers in Music
*Tissues/hand sanitizer is always welcome!

If you happen to have any guitars you don't have
a use for and are in working condition, the music
department will glad take it off your hands!
Contact Information
General music is a class like any other in the schedule.

It is a core subject and there are local, state and national standards that I will be following during our class-time.

I believe that the students will succeed and have a great time learning about the subject. Being a part of a general music class means that they have the chance to partake in various routes that music has to offer. I hope the students will open their minds to new experiences during class and they will reap the benefits tremendously!

About Me
*third year at Wilmington Middle School

*director of The Wilmingtones, an a cappella group at the middle school

*private voice teacher at the Watertown Children's Theater

*completed my Masters in Music Education last year and am hoping to get my CAGS in Choral Conducting

Mrs. Prindiville-Music Teacher
Middle School
Music Program
Enter number: 81010
Text: @34a3ed
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