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NS7904 : Climate Change & after Paris


Kenny Lynch

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of NS7904 : Climate Change & after Paris

NS7904 Climate Change;
in a post-Paris

My father used to produce 100 bushels of rice from our two acre family swamp. I took over from him in the last twenty years, but have been experiencing decreases in crop yields. I can hardly produce over 40 bushels on the same swamp.

This phenomenon is affecting ... militating negatively on my assets, now I can neither invest easily ion my children‘s education nor keep retain them in school right through the three terms in school.
(Farmer, Rokel, Sierra Leone. Source: Bangura et al, 2013).)
'Too much heat caused our streams and water wells to dry out resulting in water scarcity especially between March and May and at this same period cholera hits the township the most. Children and women suffer most as they are responsible for fetching water for domestic uses.

'The warming makes us perspire a lot and causes us serious discomfort during the day time and in the night between around 7 pm and to 12 midnight. The common diseases at this time are malaria, diarrhoea, measles, tuberculosis, cough, itchy eyes and sore throat.’
(Teacher, Mambolo, Sierra Leone. Source: Bangura et al, 2013).
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