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Historical Causes & Effects Activity

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of Historical Causes & Effects Activity

Historical Causes & Effects Activity
VP - Marketing
QUESTION: What should you do when you find your match?

1 Finger: Go back to your seat.

2 Fingers: Find two seats together.

3 Fingers: Stand next to each other against the wall with your papers facing Ms. Merwin

4 Fingers: Stand next to each other with your papers facing away from Ms. Merwin

Today's Learning Objective
SWBAT illustrate a specific historical event's
in a foldable using the following criteria:

-Must use captions provided
-Must use a speech bubble
-Must be in color
-Must show craftsmanship.

Each student will have a different
Pass Back Grades - updated this morning.

1. This legal term means that a government must have proof before arresting someone for a crime:_________________________

2. This Renaissance invention allowed knowledge to be spread more easily: ______________________

3. This civilization conquered the Aztecs and Incas: ______________________________

4. One of the causes of the Crusades was that the Seljuk Turks came close to capturing this city: _________________________________

5. Muhammad left this city and went to Mecca: ______________________________

6. This Pope started the first Crusade: ________________________

7. This is the city that Muslims and Christians fought over during the Crusades: ______________________________

Do Now - Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Previous Benchmark Tests showed that students had difficulty on questions related to CAUSE & EFFECT.
If you have not completed the Humanities section of the SLC graphic organizer, it is YOUR responsibility to show me.
Some students will have CAUSES
will have EFFECTS
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