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CfE H Geography / Physical Geography: Biosphere - Revision

Revision Prezi for Soils, Soil Profiles

Mr T Simpson

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of CfE H Geography / Physical Geography: Biosphere - Revision

When answering a questioning on soils it is important to write in detail and depth. You need to include all aspects of the soil horizon. A sample answer could follow this structure:

- What
- Where
- Weather (climate)
- A0 – Vegetation, Humus, Biota
- A – Processes (Eluviation), Horizon definition, Materials in soil
- B – Process (Illuvaiton), Iron pan, colour
- C – Parent material, weathering

Explain the effects these process have on the soil profile
e.g Formation of an Iron pan can result in a layer of impermeable rock that could lead to water logging
Soil Questions
CLIMATE - this should indicate an excess of precipitation over evaporation. This should indicate cool/cold conditions leading to a slow breakdown of plant litter

NATURAL VEGETATION / SOIL ORGANISM - coniferous forest & associated plant litter of needles could be featured. Limited soil biota and slow activity due to cool/cold climate. A mor/ acidic humus would tend to develop from the plant litter

RELIEF & DRAINAGE - downward movement of water leading to translocation of minerals and leaching, possible formation of an iron pan

PARENT MATERIAL - Dependant upon area – glacially derived parent material is typical of many areas with podzolic soils
CLIMATE – precipitation greater than evaporation during summer months, resulting in only moderate leaching. Warm summers

NATURAL VEGETATION / SOIL ORGANISM – mixed broad leaf, much plant litter though this is more easily broken down by more active soil biota. A moderate or moder type of humus would develop from the plant litter

RELIEF & DRAINAGE – downward movement of water, moderate leaching likely

PARENT MATERIAL – strong influence on soil development
Brown Earth
CLIMATE - generally cool to cold

NATURAL VEGETATION / SOIL ORGANISM - very limited specialised species can survive under the conditions. Soil organisms that can survive in anaerobic conditions. Very slow break down of plant material

RELIEF & DRAINAGE – often flat areas poor drainage Poor drainage is the key soil- forming feature for this soil type

PARENT MATERIAL – generally impermeable in nature, often glacial drift and heavy clay deposited on the parent bedrock
Remember that these Prezi's are designed as a starter to revision or to check understanding of the topics after revision.

This should be used in combination with your own notes, 'How to Pass' and 'Grade Booster' textbooks as well as looking at Past Paper Questions.
Biosphere Prezi
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