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GPET 13: Moving GP Training beyond two Twits in a room

No description

Michael Bonning

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of GPET 13: Moving GP Training beyond two Twits in a room

Moving GP Training beyond two twits in a room
What practical steps can be taken to better harness social media in medical education?
Two twits (us) - both with an interest in social media happen to end up at the same practice
Expand Training opportunities
& Create visibility
Encapsulate unique thoughts and provoke external discussions to a scalable audience
Pearls(?!) of wisdom from the practice
Very scalable with some help...
The concept of #supertwision is born!
• Establish how social media could contribute to GP Training
• Open up the traditional apprenticeship model to contributions from other healthcare providers and patients
• Allow broader audiences to see the wide range of expertise required to be a GP
• Develop a novel digital adjunct to support education in general practice in the context of indigenous health.
What about learning?
Benefits and limitations apparent

More than 90 people have engaged directly and more than double that retweeting #supertwision content,
High profile issues discussed,
Indigenous and lay person perspective on heath issues, immediacy of information and conversation;

Describing the expertise of GPs has been difficult due to confidentiality, same for interesting clinical cases
A conversation led by two people has been limiting at times, if either of us is not on Twitter #supertwision stagnates
Tinkering and commitment still required
What's next?
enhance self reflection
create set topics for discussion
get others regularly involved
avoid hiatus when one individual
is away
Better integration between
blog and twitter conversations

to harness the power of social media
Social media & technology in education, GPET13 Convention, Perth, September 11 2013
A local perspective, with many collaborators
Thank you to all our collaborators.

Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation
Suddenly a reach of more than 125,000 Twitter users
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