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Learning Lab Method @ Bancroft

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Trevor O'Driscoll

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of Learning Lab Method @ Bancroft

Learning Laboratory Method Guiding Questions
Are there opportunities for student choice and student-driven inquiry?
Are there opportunities to learn outside of the classroom?
Are there opportunities for cross-curricular work?
Are there opportunities to involve other faculty members and other adults?
What technological resources support the goals of the course?
What real-world connections and applications exist?
What assessments will you use in this course?
Is there an authentic audience for the work the students will accomplish?
What professional development may be required to ensure success?

Components of
Learning Lab Method
i. Students have a voice and choice
ii. Inquiry based/driving question
iii. Student centered with teachers as facilitators and learners
iv. Active learning (students are “learning by doing”)
v. Includes opportunities for problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity
vi. An authentic, varied audience
vii. Opportunities for reflection and revision
Learning Lab Method:
Reinventing the work within current courses
Learning Lab Method:
Modification of existing curriculum
The Learning Laboratory Method at Bancroft
EXAMPLE: Lower School
EXAMPLE: Middle School
Learning Laboratory Method:
New Courses
Designing new courses
EXAMPLE: Upper School
The Blueprint:
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