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How to Make a Good Song

No description

Gabriel Cutri

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of How to Make a Good Song

Album Dynamics
Develop a certain style; it's preferable that your songs all sound like it's by the same artist.
It's recommended that your album follows an overall theme; all the songs can relate to each other in some way.
Makes sure the arrangement of the songs isn't too random.
Make it Original
Make it your own music!
Be careful when making a song - chances might be that the same exact melody has been used before.
If you wish to sample other music or quotes from movies/TV shows, keep it to a minimum with each sample.
Select a Way of Recording
You can record on a variety of programs like GarageBand, Reaper, and ProTools.
If you want something on a smaller scale, you can record with a tape recorder
You can also sign onto a label and they will record your music for you.
Choosing a Record Label
You have the choice of signing on to a record label or making your own independent record label.
Making an album on an independent record label requires you to have the equipment to record your own music.
If you sign on to a record label, you may have to sign a record contract that you might not like.
Making Your Album Sound Better

Compressing the song will cancel out some of the noise that you don't want to hear.
Equalization will alter frequencies to make sure that instruments won't sound louder than others.
Other effects you can add you can find on your music program, along with equalization and compression.
Distributing Your Album
Make sure you stay within a budget that you have created for yourself with CDs, vinyl, tapes, and merchandise.
You can have a commercial CD manufacturing service make CDs for you, sell your music on iTunes, or make a bandcamp, a website where you can share your music.
If you signed on to a record label, they will sell your music for you.
How to Make a Good Album
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