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Nutrients & You

No description

Linda Deurer

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Nutrients & You

Foundation for
Well Planned Diet Water Macro
Nutrients 6 Nutrients Micro
Tools to help people
plan & evaluate their
diets based on wise
food choices Sustains all
life processes Nutrition
The study of food
and its effects on
the body
Energy = kilocalories=
Calories = energy value of food Nutrients: Parts of food that nourish the body
Water Supply no energy = no calories

Regulate body processes Provide energy
Build & Repair tissue
Growth & maintenance breathing Carbohydrates
4 cal/gm Proteins 4 cal/gm Fats 9 cal/gm eyesight digestion absorption metabolism bonegrowth Vitamins Minerals Essential
H O 2 Carbohydrates supply energy Proteins Fats repair body tissue
promote growth
supply energy *transports nutrients & wastes
*aids in digestion
*regulates body temperature Non Nutrients no nutritive value chemicals
presevatives "Empty calories" supply energy Food
Guides DRI's
Dietary Reference Intake Dietary Guidelines
for Americans MyPlate Daily
(labels) Balance Variety Moderation Nutrients & You The Chemistry of Nutrition Matter *takes up space
*measurable Elements *simpliest substance of matter Compound *Atoms of different elements that are bonded *Carbohydrates
*Water Water H+H+O=H O Atom *smallest part
of element 2 Minerals 2 or more
bonded atoms
H+H Molecule http://www.schooltube.com/video/8b5b475d98ac476fbdb8 Supplements
might help me
get this ball! Beneficial
for those who
have trouble
meeting nutrient
needs Neither food
nor drug
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