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Myths, Misconceptions and Migrant Sex Workers: Realities of

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Kim Mackenzie

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Myths, Misconceptions and Migrant Sex Workers: Realities of

Myths, Misconceptions and Migrant Sex Workers: Realities of the Anti-Trafficked
A deliverable of ‘The Palermo Protocol & Canada Ten Years On: The Evolution and Human Rights Impacts of Anti-Trafficking Laws in Canada’
Migration for Work and Human Trafficking: Two Different Concepts
Human Trafficking Indicators:
The Problem with 'Red Flags'
©BC Coalition for Experiential Communities. 2015 version by Kerry Porth.
Fear and/or distrust of authorities
What else can this indicator mean?
Allowing others to speak on one's behalf, even when directly addressed
What else could this mean?
Sex Work and Human Trafficking:
Two Different Concepts
How are im/migrant sex workers harmed by the anti-trafficking discourse?
Workplace raids by law enforcement
So now what? What does all this mean for you? Here are some suggestions for ways you can help address the needs of immigrant sex workers:
Examine anti-trafficking campaigns
Question sources of information
Think about the differences between sex work and trafficking
Question celebrity endorsements and participation
Don't jump to conclusions and be mindful of assumptions
Talk and challenge the discourse
SWAN's Advocacy Toolkit
Thank-you for your time
Requests for exiting support = 1
Requests for trafficking support = 0
*General Public
*Health Care
*Immigrant Support Agencies
*Faith-based Organizations
*Policy Makers
Constantly texting and 'checking in' on their cell phones
Has an STI
Has an addiction
Traveled a long and indirect route to get to Canada
Does not speak English or French
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