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High Quality Forex Trading

No description

Michal HQforexTrader

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of High Quality Forex Trading

Your trading system
Clearly defined, back-tested and proven profitable system including:
a setup to open the trade
where to place initial stop
how to manage the position
how to set the position size

How to find one?

Right mindset
also known as Trading Psychology including:
trust in your trading method
comes from back testing
forward test on demo
trust in your ability to trade your system
realistic expectations
your full accountability
time & effort
risk & returns
to become a profitable forex trader
to trade effortlessly, knowing exactly what you are doing, and being profitable every quarter

you need to put in a lot of effort to discover the trading system that is right for you

create and
a trading plan

achieve the right mindset

Where do I start?
High Quality Forex Trading
you are a consistently profitable
forex trader
trading feels effortless
you know your trading system
you accept and manage your risk
you trade "in the zone"
you are relaxed
and make money in the markets

What is needed?
Your Trading Plan
It is like a business plan

On top of a trading system it includes:
markets and timeframe to trade
broker account
emergency plan
logistics incl. computer & time
checklist to open a trade
setups catalogue
trading journal
visit www.HQforexTrading.com
You actually need to
a trading system that is right for
read trading books
www.HQforexTrading.com for ideas
consider your time
experiment & test
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