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Copy of Empowering your Program through Data Management

No description

Lynn Capuano

on 20 October 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Empowering your Program through Data Management

Building Tribal Capacity for Data Management and Exchange
Why Data Management?
What Can Help?
promotes technological innovations to improve environmental management
Some Examples Always Help
Kaw Nation
- use the Exchange Network database and software application to
fish and macroinvertebrate data.
Want to Learn More?
Exchange Network:

Tribal Exchange Network:
Get a handle on your data,
Take advantage of what others have already done,
Be a voice in the partnership,
Leverage the EN Grant program with other resources to build capacity

E Enterprise Leadership Council

Management Board

Interoperability and Operations Team

E-Enterprise/Exchange Network Coordinator
What do you need to do Exchange Network?
Want to Talk to Someone
More About the Money . . .
EN Grant Solicitation Notice

No match requirement

Multi-year grants

Single agency & partnership opportunitie

No O&M

Muscogee Creek Nation
-show monitoring data, implement the Open Dump data flow, develop a tribal portal

See Data Trends
Preserve an Historical record
Protect Your Legacy
See Relationships in Data
Reduce risk
Exchange Network
technical capacity
project manager
data standards & protocols
data platform
data exchange
grant money
development & sharing of data services & applications
support for technical capacity building
collaborative management by states, tribes, territories, & EPA
Bishop Paiute Tribe
- use AQWMS data management platform to
water quality data
Gila River Indian Community
-create a
to develop a regional emissions inventory database & reporting tool
Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma
- Exchange Network training, expand sources of environmental data to non-participating agencies/tribes, develop emergency response tools using geospatial capabilities, and outreach & education to tribal communities.
Oneida Nation
- implement FacID, TRI and RCRAInfo inbound data flow from EPA and establish an Integrated Database and web-based spatial viewer.

Tribal Governance Group
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