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Promotion of EUR works in VOD for OBS

Presentation by Jean-François Furnémont, DG of the CSA BE, at the EUAVOBS workshop in Amsterdam, 18/03/2013

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Transcript of Promotion of EUR works in VOD for OBS

Contribution to AV production
Contribution to AV production
Prominence ("mise en valeur particulière")
AV production : tradition
Does share makes sense for VOD?
Couldn't share even be counterproductive?
Belief in demand side tools (cf. Attentional study:
"Supply side regulatory tools will be increasingly less effective in the future."

"You do not search for something until you know it is likely to be there."
AVMSD : "attractive presentation of European works in EPG's"
Transposition : "... putting forward, by an attractive presentation, the list of EUR works available"
Transposition - recitals :
Banners on the home page of EPG and website of the VOD service provider
Special category for EUR works on the catalogue
Prominence in the barker channel
References to EUR works/actors/filmmakers/events in folders and subscribers magazines.
Recommendation of the CSA :
Prominence in specific menus or sub-menus
Presence of EUR works in promotional campaigns for the VOD service
Moment the work enters the catalogue + length of its presence
Diversity in the supply of EUR works in terms of genre/nationality/actors/filmmakers, …
First lessons
Mix between traditional and new regulatory tools
New regulatory methods (collaborative regulation)
Belief in shared responsibilities + interests all along the value chain
Belief in system which :
does not cost anything to providers
has no influence on their "programming"
What is at stake?
Recommendation (06/2010) on how the CSA would evaluate
1st Evaluation (beginning 2011) on the measures taken by the VOD providers
2nd Evaluation (end of 2011) of the first results achieved:
in terms of promotion
in terms of consumption (in line with recital 69 AVMSD)
3rd and final evaluation (06/12)

Enforcement? Collaborative

VOD services (“qui peut le plus peut le moins”)
Fictions and documentaries since:
They represent more easily European creation
They require higher budgets and thus higher promotion budgets
They contribute more naturally to the objectives of AVMSD which is to promote cultural diversity and heritage
They are in line with article 16, which excludes news, sports, games, advertising and teleshopping.
Evolution of market share in the Netherlands
+ 500%
+1500 %
Evolution des parts de marché en France selon la nationalité des films
Deutschland – Marktanteile nach Herstellungsländern
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