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Year 5 September presentation

No description

j apple74

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of Year 5 September presentation

open door
MS Handbook
email staff directly
Virtual Learning Environment -
newsletters & website
sports notice board
electronic sports updates

What's new ?
MS Handbook
Wednesday clubs
Longer / further residential
iPADS (versatile 'tools' but used judiciously)

Monday - English 30 mins
Wednesday - English 30 mins
Thursday - Maths 30 mins
all due in the next day

Friday / Weekend 60 mins
Topic / Science Prep

One A set and two B sets

Determined by needs of the child
Progress regularly reviewed - targets
High expectations in both A & B sets
Variety of formal and informal written methods taught
Shared planning / monitoring between the year group
Supporting children with times tables
Online Progress Assessment in Maths - GL
Who's who ?

Year 5 team
Mr Applegarth-Jones
Miss Payton
Mr Reid
Mrs Duncan (English)
Mrs Lopez
Mrs Fay -
Mrs Price -
Mrs Bennett (formerly Miss Evans) -

Celebrating success
Section stars
VLE work
Parents' evenings
Special events
trips / experiences
Clay workshop 12th Oct
Victorian Beaulieu -Jan

Telford Residential
Summer Term - 4 days
Tue 5th June 2018
Friday 8th June 2018
One A set - Two B sets with high expectations and parallel teaching
handwriting & spelling taught in dedicated slots
dedicated library time
public speaking skills -
prepared talks


Using the science lab.
Bunsen burners

Plenty of emphasis on real, investigative scientific enquiry

Using ipads to log data and present results

Mental maths
Topics – Number, shape and space, data handling, measures.
What can I do to help?
Classroom monitor
U= Unassessed
T= Target
M= Met
E= Exceeding
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