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Pop up books.

Art unit.

Estibaliz Castillo Diaz

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Pop up books.

Learning and teaching: How to create your own POP UP BOOK!

Creating our own Pop up book day 2:
Having some great help.
Class distribution:

Older children from a lower grade will come and take care of being teachers each group will have two older children helping them.
We make different groups about 5 or 6 kids per group. They can sit around the class, both using their desks or on the carpet.
Each group will choose a different animal. They will have to discuss about it and agree.
Each group will make their own individual pop up card, so at the end all groups will join each individual one. The final object is a complet book.
Always working in a cooperative way helping each other and sharing ideas and materials.

Creating our own Pop up book day 3:
Now we are teachers!
With our last cards all together we will have our final product done, then the next step is.....
To become teachers!!!!!
We will invite infant education class to our´s and making groups we will show and explain them all our work so they can also learn how to do their own Pop Up books!!!!!! Good luck!
Final product: How to make your own Pop Up Book.
Creating our own Pop up book Day 1:
Asking for previous information about pop up books.
Showing some of them.
Looking, touching and reading.
Showing one home made kids pop up book.
Asking how we can make it.
Do we need help?
Learn and teach.
Asking why can we make it for.
What do we need?
Talking about the final product.
Talking about starting next day.
What kind of method do you think I will use?

What can the final product be?

Maybe....a Pop-up book?

We will show all class what we need, we will place all those materials in the center of the classroom.
Each group has to think about the material they will need before peeking it.

Materials we need:
Colored construction paper
Infant scissors
Coloring animals molds
Water paint

Sitting all together, talking about feelings and our final product, giving good positive reinforcement

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