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Public Libraries + Startups

Visit the Portland Public Library to find resources to help take your startup from concept to reality in no time. Visit: portland.library.com/resources

sonya durney

on 13 June 2018

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Transcript of Public Libraries + Startups

Business Reference @
Portland Public Library

Using the Small Business Resource Center, Sally is able to download sample business plans for bakeries.
If you are like many folks
you probably are not aware of
all that your local public library has
to offer. Plus, you probably think all librarians look
like this...
The library is not just a building filled with dusty ole books (don't worry there are still plenty of those) - there is lots more to explore! Let's see how the library might be able to aid a budding entrepreneur...
Meet Sally.
Sally is living the
working the
9 to 5 grind.
What Sally would actually
like to do is open a cupcake shop!
Sally decides to visit
Portland Public Library's
online business resources.
Next, she checks out Business
Source Complete
Here she finds some pretty sweet stuff!
It's kinda like Google for business!
Next up:ReferenceUSA!
an online directory for 14 million businesses or 89 million residents across the country. Narrow your search by criteria such as number of employees, location, NAICS/SIC (by keyword) and sales.

Here she gets the skinny on
other bakeries in her geographic area!
(pun intended)
And, the icing on the cake....
Using DemographicsNow, Sally is able to enter an address and create a ring study accessing the Consumer Expenditure Survey.
The Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) is a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey that collects information on the buying habits of U.S. consumers. The program consists of two components - each with its own sample - and collects data on expenditures, income, and consumer unit characteristics.
doesn't she look happy?
In a nutshell, you can find out what the average person spends on various items over the course of a year based on location!
Sally whipped up all of this information from home using the Library's online resources. Don't pay for your own access - through the Library it's free to use!
BSC contains more than 4,800 scholarly, trade journals and popular magazines in the fields of business and industry. Also includes financial data, books, major reference works, conference proceedings, case studies, investment research reports,
industry reports, market research
reports, country reports, company
profiles, SWOT analyses, faculty seminars (videos), and more. Updated daily.
ReferenceUSA processes company filings on city, state, county and federal level. They use sophisticated analytics and modeling in some areas based on business demographics and trends. They compile over 5000 sources and update it monthly. You can read more on the info sources at http://referenceusaresourcecenter.com/
Where do they get all of this information?
Sally now has the info she needs to get to work on writing her business plan that will hopefully transform her cupcake startup concept to reality.
Goodbye 9 - 5 , hello Sally's Cupcakes!!!
For further information contact a librarian!

Created by Sonya Durney
Last (but not least) let's look at Gale's LegalForms.
Using this resource she can download legal forms for her business, like an LLC or a Food Service Contract.
How much do people in Portland spend on cupcakes anyhow?
*Of course, you will always want to consult an attorney for important legal decisions!
Here's a sample of what she
finds on the baking biz...
*owners names are listed,
but have been crossed
out here.
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