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Business Development | Case Study

No description

T. Bernie

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Business Development | Case Study


The Challenge
International celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt founded eponymous line of prestige treatment-infused makeup and skin care.

Growth called for not only deepening existing account relationships, but also distribution expansion in new channels: specialty, open sell, and catalog.
The Results
All retailer accounts were secured.

Impressive collateral design led to becoming Bloomingdales.com new brand visual standard and featured in left navigation bar at launch.

Macy’s Impulse Beauty selected the brand as part of its launch phased roll out throughout the U.S.; it ranked Top 3 in sales for every store opening, and No. 1 at Macy’s Herald Square, during launch due to feature in mailers, merchandising, and consistent sales support.

Soft Surroundings selects limited number of non-competing beauty brands; this uncontested, high visibility along with messaging strong benefit/value proposition to its circulation of 2 million captive buyers made the brand No. 2.



The Solution
At the top of market opening Bloomingdale’s specialty store solidified brand prestige position while it concurrently pursued higher volume retail partners.

Macy’s Impulse Beauty open sell department was identified as a retail partner fit because of its focus on new, “hot,” or discovery brands and acquiring new customers.

Soft Surroundings catalog merchant offered broad reach at less promotional expense.

The executive buyer team were each pitched with a dynamic, immersive Sue Devitt brand presentation. In addition to soft sales skills, trade marketing entailed negotiating promotional placement (co-op) and in-store location, and developing an acquisition plan with a compelling gift with purchase incentive.

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