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Add Link / Attach File

Nathalie Matar

Kalamazoo RESA

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Add Link / Attach File

Here is how!
How to attach
a file?

Wondering about
How to add
a link?

Highlight the text that
you want to link to
Click on this symbol
to change your style
To add a link,
always use
subtitle 3
Now your text is
styled as a subtitle3
Click Insert Link
Highlight your text
one more time
You can link to a
page of your site
Click Insert Link
Choose your Site
Select a Channel
Choose a Section
Select the page
you are linking to
Type the Email Address here
You can link to
an Email Address
Click Insert Link
Type or paste your
Web Address here.
Make sure to delete the
http:// if available
You can also link
to a Web Address
Choose to open your
link in the same or
in a new window
Click Insert Link
and here is your link
Place your cursor where you
want to attach your document
Click this icon to
Insert a File Link
Select Upload File
Click Browse to
find your file
Select the file that
you want to upload
Click Open
Your file name
appears in this box
Click Continue
If your file already exists
on the website, choose
Existing File
Then select your file
Click Continue
Type the text that should
appear on your page
choose between opening
the link in a new window
or in the same window
Insert the file
And here is the
link to your file
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