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Mott Hall: learning styles all over the world

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denisee N

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of Mott Hall: learning styles all over the world

Belarus response
-Teachers use educational videos for their students
-They do online tests
-They play online ESL games
-They create multimedia presentations/projects
-The teachers combine internet and textbooks

North Carolina's response
-Their types of learning styles are completely different than ours in Mott Hall
-The teachers teach the same way like in Mott hall
-Just like in North Carolina we also have benchmarks and we have exams in the end of the year to determine if we pass the class or not
-We also take exams at every end of the semester just like them

Nigeria's response
-mostly visual and auditory learners.
-most of the teachers use the demonstration method in educating them
-they rarely use the method of lecturing because most students dislike it. They tend to forget what’s being taught that way
-Teachers are opened to changing their method of teaching to adapt to the student’s. preference.
-Like us, they have tests that measure how much of a topic they know.
-we both has big finals. they have the write the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE ) and the National Examination Council (NECO) Senior School Certificate Examination and we have to take regents.
-they don’t have GPA’s but they do average all the grades.
-they use online learning.

Pakistan's response
Methods of teaching
1- interactive lectures
2-case methods
4-Groups discusions
6-Role plays
8-Field visits
9-Group projects
10-Independant work

Mott hall high school

30%:take great interest in presentations and visual clips.

20%: get satisfy with the effective lectures or audios.

50%: take more interest in experiments & project based study.

Mott Hall's learning style results
The charts above shows whether being taught based on a students learning style was effective or not. In one class, 6 out of 7 students who were visual learners found it effective and in the other class,8 out of 10 found it effective.

All the students who were auditory learners found the lesson plan effective!
This chart shows that 14 out of 21 students found the lesson plan effective while 7 struggled to understand.
This chart shows that 8 out of 10 students found the lesson plan effective, while 2 students struggled to follow along.
Visual learning is a teaching and learning style in which ideas, concepts, data, and other information are associated with images and techniques.
A learning style in which students learn from listening.
Tactiles Learning is a learning style in which learning takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations.
Leonardo Da Vinci
All the students learned about Leonardo Da Vinci in different ways that matched their learning styles. The visual learning style group watched videos and took notes in a notecatcher that had pictures of Da Vinci's work. The tactile learning style group observed Da Vinci's paintings and inventions in books, and then made their own drawings with their observations of Leonardo's masterpieces. The auditory learning style group listened to a brief power point on Da Vinci's paintings and inventions created by the student leader and then they discussed their observations of Leonardo's work.

What we asked from the other schools .....
Mott Hall Bronx High School
Bronx. new york
9th grade global history
iEARN Global Learning Circle Final Project
Spring 2015
We wanted to know how students around the world learn best.
So we studied how WE learn best and asked other students about their learning styles.
First, we took individual quizzes to determine our learning style. We found that a lot of us were kinesthetic or tactile learners. (32) A smaller number were visual learners. (about 20) The smallest group were auditory learners (about 8).
Then, we divided into teams based on our learning style and designed a lesson for each learning style. The aim was the same:
Students will be able to identify the contributions of Leonardo da Vinci and explain how he reflected the spirit of the Renaissance.

So that we would know what students learned, everyone took a pretest and a post-test and we checked the results.
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