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2016 Spring Final

No description

Kirk Meyers

on 16 April 2016

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Transcript of 2016 Spring Final

Quick Prevention Tips
Take personal responsibility for YOUR property
- Contact Officer Michele Hill for a FREE Home
Security Inspection
- Email: mhill@littlerock.org, Phone: 501-918-5369

Turn your porch lights on at night!
- A 100w bulb costs $0.11 /day or $0.00458 /hour
- Equivalent 27w CFL bulb costs $.03 /day or $.000125/hr
- Equivalent 16w LED bulb costs <$.02 /day or $.000625/hr

If you are going on Vacation, or even just away for the
- Call 501-371-4829
Home Energy Expert
BPI Building Analyst Professional
Join the Watch Team!
What we do...
- Go to Quarterly LRPD Meetings
- Get monthly reports from LRPD
- Citizen patrols
Get Involved / Stay Informed
Get Involved:
-- neighborhoodwatch@briarwoodlr.org
-- call JB Kincaid at 501-747-8235

Stay Informed:
-- BANA Facebook Group and website

Join the Watch Team!
What we DON'T do...
- We don't possess police powers or authority
- We don't pursue vehicles
- We don't confront suspicious persons
- We don't harass, intimidate, get into physical
confrontations of any kind, with anyone.
- We don't become part of the problem.
Why We Do It...
- Because we were tired of crime in OUR
- For greater security & quality of life
- Pride in OUR neighborhood
Provide LRPD with volunteer support by
being extra "eyes and ears"
Sept. 2015 - March 2016 Stats
Residential Burglary - 6 (2015 - 23)
Breaking or Entering Vehicle - 12 (2015 - 19)
Theft of Property-Misdemeanor - 9 (2015 - 12)
Theft of Property-Felony - 7 (2015 - 2)
Stolen Auto - 0
Stolen Motorcycle - 0
What We Are Doing...
- We are BANA + LRPD
- Raising Awareness
- We are neighbors trying to prevent
basic crime by being an active and
visible deterrent.
What now?
Stay vigilant, these YTD numbers were calculated during cooler months. Criminal activity tends to increase in warmer months.

- If only one person in each household in BANA did only one patrol
per year
, we would have at least 2 patrols per day EVERY day!

Grant Brewer
Welcome to the Spring Meeting
"Participation in a neighborhood watch is not something that requires a lot of time. It means only that each person adopts a more observant and active attitude. Neighbors will get to know each other better and will, as a result, become more aware of strange cars, persons, or circumstances which requires calling the police. The more prepared individuals are, the more effective they will be in preventing crime."
- Call 911
if you see
suspicious - let the police sort out what to respond to and how.

Text A Tip
to LRPD to "CRIMES" (274637) + TIP637
& "your message"

anything not reported to police
didn't happen

Meet your neighbors
and invite them to JOIN BANA!
Quick Prevention Tips
Be proactive! Write down serial numbers of all of your valuables.

Enter them into a database that police and pawn shops use:
Leads Online
Thank you for attending!
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