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So what's an S.O.S. folder?

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Suicide Prevention

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of So what's an S.O.S. folder?

of Suicide Advocacy
Help and guidance available at no cost
Specially trained advocate provides:
What is the Delaware Suicide Prevention Coalition?

24/7 Crisis Hotline
Delaware: 740-369-3316
Morrow: 419-947-2520
211 Information & referral
Community education
Red Flags
Safe Dates
Signs of Distress
Suicide Prevention Resources
Thank You

We at the Delaware Suicide Prevention
Coalition would like to offer our heartfelt
support for the loss you are experiencing.

Our resource folders offer support
and guidance for many different aspects of each survivor's wellness. Whenever you're ready to use it, we hope it helps.

A survivor is someone who has survived the loss of a loved one by suicide.
Tax Help
Government Offices
Financial assistance
Please call our free, confidential, 24/7 crisis hotline for more information or if you or someone you know are thinking about suicide.
Taking a Financial Inventory
Financial Milestones
Working with Financial and Legal Advisors
Settling the Estate
Taking Control of your Financial Future
Professional Alcohol/Drug Treatment and Prevention Services
Outpatient substance abuse treatment
Intervention services
Prevention & community education
Drug-free workplace programs
A team of organizations aiding the Delaware community in bringing awareness to the issues of suicide and suicide prevention.
Survivors of Suicide Resource Folder
Recovery and Prevention Resources
Some people who experience the loss of a loved one turn to drugs or alcohol to cope; this resource may help.
Resource and Healing Guide
Coping with Suicide Loss
Where Do I Start?
What Do I Do Now?
Handling the Holidays
The Survivor Community
Survivor Stories
Helping Children Cope
When You're Ready
DPD Grief Booklet
Use this functional booklet as a guide to organizing your affairs after a loss.
Secure your Home
Beware of Fraud
Lifestyle Tips for People in Grief
Contact the DPD Chaplains
A Financial Guide
In the wake of a loss, finances may become an overwhelming burden, this resource may help you manage those concerns.
Resource Brochure
Listings of
Domestic Violence/Emergency Shelter
Clinics/Medical Help
HelpLine maintains an up-to-date resource brochure with information on specific programs, which can be helpful for a SOS who is faced with meeting complex needs.
Sharing. Strength. Support.
Grief Support
Local SOS groups
Personal Referrals to Counseling
Reading materials from HelpLine's Healing Library
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Financial, Emotional, and Community Resources for those Grieving a Suicide
One of our main goals is to provide resource folders to survivors of suicide in the hopes that each individual will be able to, in time, locate the support and information that will be most helpful to them.
the Delaware Suicide Prevention Coalition
Concerned community members who collect resources to provide hope and healing for survivors of suicide.
Because the grief after a suicide is so complicated, a number of different resources have been collected and put into a healing folder to support survivors in our community.
Please read through our available resources and contact HelpLine with any questions or requests.
Detox Programs
Adolescent and Adult Services
Drug and Alcohol
Mental Health
Prevention Services
Underage Drinking Program
Youth 12 - 17
Youth 18 - 20
Crisis Management
Psychiatric Services
Community Support Services
Assessment Services and Referrals
Critical Incident Stress Management
You do not need to have insurance to receive services if you are a Delaware or Morrow County resident. One less barrier to getting help after loss.
Counseling can be a helpful option for those trying to cope with this traumatic type of grief by offering a sensitive ear and guidance.
For more information, browse these websites
HelpLine's advocate can help the SOS match community help with their needs and provide compassionate grief support.
Common reactions to a death by suicide
Different coping methods: reaching out to family and friends, community groups, etc.
Info on National Survivors of Suicide Day
Offering comfort through information
Surviving after Suicide Loss Pamphlet
This offers basic information and advice for survivors, as well as websites for more information.
AFSP Survivor Outreach Contact Card
After Suicide Loss:
Coping with Your Grief
Sample timeline for how your grief will progress
Addresses specific aspects of post-suicide life - including police investigation, deciding what to keep, and other details
This source is completely judgment-free, and offers a variety of possibilities for a survivor's emotions and behaviors.
Child Survivors of Suicide
Suggested timeline for allowing survivor children to grieve and move on
Examples of common emotional responses and how to react to them
Helps identify how to help a child cope while coping yourself.
Local survivors of suicide can meet other survivors in their home to provide comfort and support during their grief
Survivors who are having trouble leaving their home for services may benefit
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