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Rickards Invitational Sponsors

No description

Pamela H.

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Rickards Invitational Sponsors

Special Thanks to Grace
Hong & her family (proud
owners of Fashion World)!
We couldn't thank them
enough for their contributions toward our team!
Rickards Invitational

The Rickards Math Team
would like to thank our sponsors
for their generosity & support!

"Prime Meridian Bank wants its
clients to enjoy the freedom...
...of going where they wish
to go financially, without boundaries."
Architects: Lewis + Whitlock

Thank You
Environmental & Geotechnical
Specialists, Inc.
Thank you
Oasis Designs, Inc.
Better Homes, Better Living, By Design
Pamela H.
Rickards MAO
VP of Finance
Erin Reed
for designing this year's Rickards Invitational T-shirts!
Effective Information Management

Team Experience With School Construction


Our Staff is Available to Deliver any Project

We are COMMITTED and ACCOUNTABLE Involvement Start to Finish
Renovation & Construction Projects for Rickards
The Baycrest Advantage
Rickards & Baycrest:
A GREAT Partnership!
Commitment to distinctive design and personal service is the foundation of Architects: Lewis + Whitlock
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