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Carbon Pricing


Coral A

on 27 October 2017

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Transcript of Carbon Pricing

student-led campaign
raise awareness and advocate for a carbon price through lobbying events, education (webinars, seminars, tabling), protests and rallies, #Years screenings, social media, and student recruitment
we have a huge support system!
How do we solve climate change?
A Nationwide Price On Carbon!
What does this mean?
We pay to take our trash to the curb, why don't big industries pay for polluting our air?
Air pollution is one of the largest health issues worldwide - we
need air to breathe!
Carbon and methane are the largest contributors to global climate change
Corporations are putting capital before the environment, a price on carbon could be a solution for both
What is #PutAPriceOnIt ?
Carbon Tax
extra tax that’s added to a fuel per of pollution released into the atmosphere when it’s burned
price must be high enough and widespread
Fee and Dividend
returning all the money raised by the carbon price back to the citizens in the form of a payment
aim is not to increase revenue for the government
(neutral carbon price)
Cap and Trade
sets a limit to how much pollution can be released, and then sets up a market to allow among companies or other entities to buy or trade permission to pollute
What Are the Types of Carbon Pricing?
Student Opportunities
Field Representative
Internship Positions
Job Positions
Where is Carbon Pricing Happening?
What is a Price on Carbon?
Want to get Involved?
Find me around campus or at future club meetings to get connected!
Tom Erb
National Field Organizer
Put A Price On It
Cassidy Jones
Portland Office
Our Climate
Coral Avery
Digital Comm Intern
Our Climate
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