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Georgia Colony

No description

noah fedeler

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Georgia Colony

Come to the most amazing, fantastic colony of Georgia!! Georgia Colony -James Oglethorpe, prison reformer. Shipped inmates to America where there was plenty of room. Hoped to resettled british poor people. He was the son of Sir Theophilus Oglethorpe. Celebrity Residents -Before the spanish came, the Cherokee Indians owned the land in the 16th century.

-James claimed the land for the british in 1775.

-James claimed Georgia after the Revolutionary War. Historical Background All religions were welcome. no specific religion. Only exception was the Roman Catholic were not welcome because of the wars going on in England. Resident Profile To make money, Georgia grew peanuts, peaches, rice, sugar, tobacco, sold chicken, and mined gold and silver. Economic Profile Georgia is for every religion, catholic, jews, every religion that got treated like crap by the other colonies. Religious Profile FREE accessories if you come to Georgia
Come to this colony, and get free fresh sugar,peanuts, peaches, rice and chicken. you can also mine gold, silver, and pick tobacco.
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