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Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

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Transcript of Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation
University of Louisville
Trish Cooper
Health Preparation
Health Abroad
Tish Pletcher
Safety Abroad
Elizabeth Liebschutz-Roettger
Communication & Technology
Don't forget to sign in and out!
Office of Study Abroad
Kimber Guinn Study Abroad Advisor
Virginia Hosono Director of Study Abroad
Rebecca Dixon Program Coordinator
Jenny Snyder Graduate Assistant
Dave Salge Graduate Assistant
College of Business
Elizabeth Liebschutz-Roettger Director of International Programs
Dean of Students Office
Angela B. Taylor Assistant Dean of Students
Financial Aid
Manuel McMillan
Health Preparation
Trish Cooper
Tish Pletcher
LGBT Center
Katy Garrison
Opening Activity
What are some intangible things you need to bring with you when you study abroad?
Discuss with your neighbor...
Assistant Dean of Students
Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Angela B. Taylor
Code of Student Conduct
Financial Aid
Manuel McMillan
Finances Abroad
Order money beforehand
$200 of local currency
PNC or 5/3 Bank
ATMS & Exchanging $
Credit cards - any fees?
Withdraw larger sums
Bank Power of Attorney
Download the XE Currency App - It's free!
What documents should
you bring with you?
Flight itineraries
Passports, visas & supporting documents
Accommodation confirmation
Immunization records
Travel Insurance
PEAP Packet
Contact Info
Office of Study Abroad
On-Site Coordinator or Program Director
US Embassy or Consulate
Local emergency numbers
Disclose all health information on your medical form and to your healthcare provider!
Be sure to include info about chronic health conditions that are currently controlled
Mental Health Conditions
Autoimmune Diseases
Hep B
Hep A
Polio Booster
Yellow Fever
Japanese Encephalitis
Vaccines need 4 weeks to produce immunity!
Carry on medications
Orginal containers
Copies of prescriptions
Glasses & Contacts too!
Travel medications (malaria, traveler's diarrhea, high altitude medication)
Enrolling in STEP
You will now create an account!
Who has flown before?
Any advice?
Flying Tips
Sleep on the flight
Take cues from flight attendants. If they dim the lights, sleep. If they're offering coffee, wake up.
Stretch before AND during a long flight
Drink plenty of water
Bring earplugs or a sleep mask
Don't drink alcohol and caffeinated beverages
Lost Luggage or Passport
Time is of the essence to get reimbursed. Keep your receipts!
Contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate
It's way easier if you already have a copy of your passport!
A US passport is one of the most valuable identification documents in the world
Always limit the # of people who handle your passport
What to do...
Jet Lag
It takes 5 days to adjust to crossing 6 time zones!
Sleep disturbances
Daytime sleepiness
Irritability, moodiness
What to do:
Follow local schedule and get out in the sunshine.
Stay hydrated
Avoid alcohol
Mental Health
Disclose mental health conditions to study abroad leader and site director
Take medications as prescribed during travel
Know how your medications interact with alcohol
Maintain a regular sleep schedule
Consult a doctor if you can't sleep!
+ Stress
Watch for:
Tiredness and sleep changes
Mood swings
Withdrawal from others
Loss of appetite or overeating
Feelings of hopelessness
Sexual Health
Studying abroad is shown to increase incidents of:
Casual sex
Unprotected sex
These can lead to...
Hep B
Unintended pregnancy
Be mindful of your body and surroundings.
Travel Precautions
Can cause malaria, dengue fever, lyme disease
Use insect repellant
Wear long sleeves and long pants
Use mosquito netting when needed
Permethrin treated clothing
Sun Exposure
Use SPF 50+ sunscreen
Protect yourself with clothing
Know if you are taking medication that increases your sensitivity to sun
Know your host country's risk
Tattoos & Body Piercings
Where have those needles been?
Is it worth the risk?
Varied health standards abroad
Cheap ink leads to fading
When do I go to the doctor's?
Fever of 101+ for more than 24 hours
Profuse, watery diarrhea
Severe/frequent vomiting
Seek emergency care if...
Confusion or disorientation persists
You have a reduced level of conciousness
Severe headache
Fever of 103+
Your program director is your best resource for accessing healthcare abroad!
Campus Health Services
Belknap: 852-6479
Health Sciences: 852-6446
Full service travel health clinic
Primary healthcare services
Women's health services
Psychiatric services

Scenario #2
Gender Issues Abroad
Each country has different attitudes toward typical female and male roles
Research appropriate behavior based on country norms
Understand local attitudes toward American women
May be perceived as 'easy'
Questions to Ask
Is it safe for me to go out alone?
Are there places I should avoid?
How are women/men expected to behave?
How do men treat women?
What are the cultural norms regarding friendships and dating?
How do my personal values compare with my host country's?
Scenario #1

A male student is out drinking with friends in the Czech Republic. A gorgeous local girl approaches him & begins chatting. It's already past 1 am & his friends decide to leave & go to bed. He stays, eager to talk more with this beautiful girl. They continue drinking late into the night, parting ways, but planning to meet the next evening. The two meet up the next day at a local coffee shop and she proceeds to tell him a sad tale of her sick mother. She needs $100 to buy a train ticket to visit her and asks him to help. He goes to the ATM, only to be accosted and beaten up by a group of men. They force him to take out more money. When he returns to find the girl, he discovers she's gone.
1. What were the warning signs?
2. What would you have done if this was your friend?
3. What are your next steps?
Culture Shock
"A feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.
LGBTQ Travelers
Katy Garrison
Take time to learn about...
Laws of your destination
Local norms and social culture
LGBT organizations, hotels and support resources
LGBT Center
Red Barn 104
Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm
Academics Abroad
Rebecca Dixon
How will the education system in your host country differ?
How will your grades transfer to UofL? Will they affect your GPA?
Contact your phone carrier if you plan to use your phone abroad.
Be aware of international roaming rates.
Turn phone data OFF or keep phone in Airplane Mode.
Purchase a local SIM card; make sure your phone is unlocked
What are some apps you can use to stay in touch?
Before you leave, have a game-plan of when you'll be in contact with your friends/family after you land in your host country!
Be conscious of how you relay information back to your family. We all have bad days!
Student of the Month
Please fill out the form. You could be featured!
Guidelines for Transcript Articulation
Re-Entry Process
What does that mean?
Blackboard Community
Interactive Weekly Projects
Share your stories from abroad!
Study Abroad Alumni Club
What are the perks?

How do I join?

How can I stay connected?
Your password must be 12 characters long!
It will ask you for your Passport information below this. You can leave it blank for now, but remember to add it in later!
Situation Activity
Each group will be given a situation card. Make your way to the corresponding sheet attached to the wall.
As a group, write THREE ways you would handle your situation. Include ONE way to prevent it from happening.
To be registered...
1. Attend orientation
2. Turn in ALL paperwork including passport & flight
3. Purchase CISI at SAO
How to combat culture shock
Do research ahead of time
Go abroad expecting differences
Find logical reasons for cultural differences
Create a sense of safety and security
Maintain a network of people you love, trust, and who you can reach out to and who will support you if you feel unsettled
Keep yourself busy
Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone
What personal characteristics will help?
Tolerance for ambiguity
Being non-judgmental
Being communicative
Sense of humor
Ability to fail
CISI Travel Insurance
Packing: Dos and Don'ts
-Bring comfy shoes
-Pack a change of
clothes and essentials in
your carry-on
-Save room for souvenirs
-Pack items you can layer
-Keep important documents
on you at all times!
-Pack full sized toiletries
-Pack too many season specific clothes
-Bring items that label you as American
-Bring too many reminders of home
Any advice?
The following students are missing something listed above...
Safe Food and Water
Usually Safe
Hot Food - High heat kills germs that cause traveler's diarrhea. Be careful of food that is cooked and allowed to sit at room temperature as it can become contaminated again.
Raw Food - Raw fruits or vegetables that you peel or wash are generally okay. Avoid pre-cut fruit/veggie platters, salsa, salads, raw meat and seafood.
Street Food - It may look delicious and cost .50 cents, but do you REALLY know how it was prepared?
Avoiding Injuries
18 - 24% of deaths abroad caused by preventable injuries.
Road Traffic Injuries
Water and Aquatic Injuries
Other Injuries
Not wearing seat belt, using phone while driving, driving at night, driving impaired, failure to wear helmet
Drowning, boating accidents, scuba diving, snorkeling
Adventure activities, using small local aircrafts, carbon monoxide poisoning
Why should I buy it?
What does it pay for?
What doesn't it pay for?
$67.80/month + 5 Free Days
Virginia Hosono
Open Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm


A female student is out celebrating her 21st birthday while studying abroad in Spain. She's out with friends at a local bar and everyone has been drinking steadily for a few hours. They move on to a dance club, where she meets an American guy studying abroad on a different program. They hit it off immediately and the girl dances with him well into the evening. At 3 am, her friends decide they're all super hungry and want to go to a late night restaurant for food. The female student's friends had promised to watch out for her on her big night, but when the girl claims she's fine, plus he's American so she feels safe, they all leave. The couple heads to a new club where the guy buys her more drinks. She begins to feel dizzy from all the dancing and alcohol. She doesn't remember much after that, except that she accepted the guy's offer to crash at his apartment. The next morning, she wakes up in a random room, clothes strewn across the floor, and the guy no where in sight. The girl has no recollection of what happened.
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