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How card payments payment processing works

Detailed process flow on how card payment processing works


on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of How card payments payment processing works

How card payment processing works
The shopper visits a business' website to make a purchase
The business' website takes the shopper's purchase details and sends them to a Payment Gateway
The Payment Gateway allows the shopper to securely enter their card details, then sends the card payments detail to business' Merchant Account provider
The Merchant Account provider sends
the card payment details to the Card Schemes for authorisation.
The Card Schemes check with the shopper's card issuing bank if there are available funds and for the authorisation of the payment
The response from the Card Schemes is send back to the business and shopper via the Merchant Account Provider and Payment Gateway
The funds for the payments are sent from the shopper's card issuing bank via the Card Schemes to the business' Merchant Account
The funds will remain in the business' Merchant Account for a set period of time allowing the business to dispatch their products and services or make refunds
The funds are then made available and remitted to a business account
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