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Career Discovery 2018

No description

Eric Sewell

on 24 August 2018

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Transcript of Career Discovery 2018

A Sampler
This Student Guide is a sample of different career opportunities in our area that will be featured at the expo. By no means is it all the jobs or careers available!
Pop-Up Game
Who likes spinach?
Who can do a back handspring?
Who has green eyes?
We all have different strengths, interests and abilities. Some are learned, others are natural to us.
Do you like to work with your hands?
Do you like to play games?
Do you like to make things, do crafts or draw?
Do you love to work with computers?
Do you enjoy solving math problems?
Is speaking to groups fun for you?
Do you like to teach others new things?
Is helping people a joy to you?
Would you rather work indoors or outdoors?
Would you like to have a similar schedule every week?
Would you like to have a different schedule every week?
Is traveling exciting to you?
Do you like meeting new people?
Do you like to cook or bake?
Have you ever taken something apart to see how it works?
Do you like solving puzzles and practical problems?
Would you like to look under a microscope?
Did you, or do you now, like to build with Legos?
Do you like to work with animals?
Personal BINGO

We are going to play Personal BINGO. I will give you no more than 5 minutes to fill in as much as you can on your BINGO card. When I say "GO" - stand up and walk around the room getting people to sign your card under the appropriate boxes. We will play until someone shouts "BINGO" (entire card filled!) or I say "STOP."

Bon Voyage!
This is your adventure
This book should help you choose a few career clusters you might be interested in exploring more.
What are the career clusters at Career Discovery 2017?
Architecture & Construction
Communication & Information Technology
Education & Training
Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation
Automotive Manufacturing
Public Service
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
Energy & Utilities
Career Discovery 2018
Explore your future
Pop-Up Connection
Some information will be things you are familiar with. Other information will turn into gold nuggets because it is interesting to YOU!
And, just like a chocolate sampler, some you will really like...others, not so much! Our job now is to find out what interests you.
fun time!
free space = Your Name
limited number of times a person can sign!
toenails count
The Student Guide book is for all 8th graders in the region. But it was written just for you!
Some will be plain rocks.
Some will be gold nuggets!
In what cluster would you:
When we go through the Pop-up questions, we can see everyone has different preferences.
Let's connect the questions into something...
...into a career cluster!
In what cluster would you:
Work outside?
Work with animals?
Work with computers?
Teach people new things?
Expect to travel?
Cook or bake?
Look under a microscope?
Expect to meet lots of new people?
Help others?
Use math skills?
Explore the Guide
Answer these questions independently:

1. What career cluster looks the most interesting to you?

2. What career (from this cluster) has a job title you have never heard of before?

3. Do you know anyone who does any of the jobs listed in the careers section? If yes, which one(s)?

4. If you worked in this cluster, where is a place you could expect to work?
Divide into 11 groups. Each group is assigned a career cluster to quickly research and report to the class on.
What does it take to be successful in this cluster?
What are some of the activities, interests or skills that people in this cluster have?
What are three jobs from this cluster?
Where are some places you could expect to work in this cluster?
You are the teacher
Take out a pen or pencil.
You don't need your Student Guide book for this activity.
Enjoy your trip to Career Discovery 2018!
Student Work Sheet
Points to Ponder:
Just because you don't like spinach today, does not mean you will never like spinach!
If you can't do a back handspring today, can you learn to do one if you wanted to?
What we choose for a career should highlight our own personality.
Pop-Up Game
If the question asked applies to you, stand up. You have three seconds to stand. Then sit down.
Knowing what our interests and strengths are, is the beginning to discovering what career choices may be good for us down the road.
Thank you!
You will need this information at the expo.
Tell me about the field trip...
What to bring & wear:
What NOT to bring
Student Passport, filled out
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
Student Guide
you will be walking a lot!
you will get a string-style backpack at the expo!
We're going on a field trip!
It is time to get Excited
to Southern Union State Community College
for Career Discovery 2018
September 13th or 14th.
We have to start somewhere!
Remember all school rules apply on your field trip. Listen to your chaperones. Be nice. Be respectful. Don't get bus sick.

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