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Counterplan Coaches Lecture

No description

Hiba Sheikh

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of Counterplan Coaches Lecture

Hiba Sheikh
Counterplan Coaches Lecture
The Negative team will fiat that different agents, typically different governments, to do the affirmative plan.

Why is it strategic?
Agent Counterplans
Agent Counterplan
Advantage Counterplans
Process Counterplans
Consult Counterplans
Types of Counterplans
The Structure of a CP
Counter plan text



Why does the negative get counterplans?

What kind of counterplans should the negative run?

Negative Fiat
mutually exclusive vs. net beneficial
Functional vs. Textual

The Negative team will fiat an action that will solve the impact of one or more of the advantages

Why is it strategic?
Advantage Counterplans
Incentives for renewable energy

Cap and Trade

Increase public transportation infrastructure

Solar Powered Satellights

The Negative team will do the entire affermative plan through the USFG but will change the process by which it is implemented

Why is this strategic?
Process Counterplans

Executive Order

The Negative team will enter into "prior and binding" consultation with another actor, usually another country, before doing to affirmative plan.

Why is this strategic?
Consult Counterplans
Status of the Counterplan?


Answering the Counterplan
Answering the Counterplan - Solvancy
The affirmative plan is a _____ to the _____
The Negative team will read a CP that is different than the plan in order to be competitive. The affirmative team should figure out how the difference between the plan and the CP mean that the CP cannot solve all of case.
Answering the Counterplan - Theory
Structure of a theory argument

A. Interpretation
B. Violation
C. Standards

Theory is the way the affirmative team can protect themselves from abusive counterplans.

A theoretical objection to a CP would state why the CP is bad for fair and educational debate.
Answering the Counterplan - Offense
Examples of Offense
A. Disadvantage to the CP
B. An add-on that the CP doesn't solve
C. CP Links to N/B
A reason why the CP is a bad idea.

Answering the Counterplan - Permutation
All of the Plan + all or part of the CP

A test of competition on the CP

Think about if the permutation is intrinsic or severance
Types of Permutations
Perm do both

Perm do the CP then the Plan / Perm do the Plan then CP

Perm do the CP
Is it severance or Intrinsic?
Why is severance bad?
Why is Intrinsicness bad?
Counterplan Text
A written explanation of the policy option proposed by the negative

How the Counterplan solves for problems in the status quo

Net Benefits are the most common in debate. (more common than mutually exclusive CPs.)
NBs are usually Disadvantages to the plan, but they can also be solvency deficits and case turns.

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