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Collaborative presentation Arts&music around the world

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pablo J

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Collaborative presentation Arts&music around the world

New Zealand
New Zealand is based on Maori's Culture, people are preserving that ancient culture but also they are updating their traditions with new technologies.
The traditional dance "Haka" remains but with a different objective.
Let's travel to Egypt!
Egypt is a land of mystery... it is a land rich in beauty, history and culture. Are you ready to discover it?
Brazil is the largest country in South America, the capital city is Brasilia and has a mixture of people.
Brazil is famous for his carnival, celebrated in February or March and Soccer is the national sport of Brazil.
Welcome to the magical Italy, a land where you can breathe Art
Are you ready to be like Miguel Ángel
Da Vinci?
Egypt is one of the oldest cultures in the world. Most Egyptian forms of artistic expression were created in Ancient Egypt.
Do you want to know Ancient Egypt?
Ancient Egypt was ruled by a person called Pharaoh. Many Pharaohs were buried in pyramids that tourists can still see today in Egypt.
Did you know that the largest statue from ancient times is in Egypt?It ¡s the Great Sphinx of Giza!
It's amazing!
Hieroglyphics are a form of ancient writing. Egyptians also invented papyrus, an ancient form of paper.
Music formed an important part of Egyptian life. The lyre was a very popular instrument, but there were many more instruments!
The Great Wall is the most important monument in China.
Welcome to China, a land of contrasts and surprises!
Arts and crafts have a long history in China. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese were some of the first people to use silk, jade, bronze, wood, and paper to make art.
Music is also very important in China. Have a look at these traditional instruments!
Haka is done by rugby and football players before a match as a ritual!
The Haka
Maori's Tattoos
The tattoos in New Zealand is a symbol of brave and honor, people have tattoos in their face, arms, legs and always with black ink.
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