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Technology Integration

No description

Marisa Dominguez

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Technology Integration

Department of Social Sciences
Reasons to Integrate Technology
The First Adventure
Always used PowerPoint and video before (teacher directed)
3 years ago tried to use technology with the whole room for the first time
30 students + 31 laptops + internet= extreme workout
Had quite a few stops and starts, but then it just worked

Lessons learned
It’s slow at first (1 year)
Students aren’t always as open to it as you think
They are just as scared as you are
Smartphone adept, but not tablet adept
When they finally turn that corner they can really impress you
It’s ok to not know it all
Be open to what they have to teach you
Have a back-up plan
Let that back up plan not be paper
Don’t be afraid
ON your smart phone download a QR CODE SCAN/READER APP.
You may choose to work individually or with a partner.
Please complete the Scavenger Hunt.
Prepare to share out your answers afterwards.

Guiding Questions:
How many were you familiar with?
Which do you believe are most effective? Why?
Which would you most likely use?
Which are you most excited to try out for the first time?

Technology does not replace good pedagogy.  Teachers are still our best APP.  As educators we have an opportunity to change children’s lives, don’t give yourself the excuse of not to use technology.  This is both an exciting and challenging time in the field of education.  Today is about understanding how to use the language of technology and how to evaluate if its’ really working in the classroom.  Remember some of these key ideas:
Technology does not teach the kids
Technology is not an academic intervention
 It’s the teacher behind the lesson that makes a difference
Technology is a tool that professional teachers can use to improve learning
 Technology keeps us current
There is no single correct way to integrate technology

Technology Integration
This is what they Gave me
Ancient Middle East Web
World Religions Web Match Up
Causes of Exploration Discussion
Other Resources
Social Sciences Website
Tapping Into Intelligence
Web and Document Resources on using tablets in the classroom
Digital Lesson Plans for 7th and 9th
Coming soon Lesson Plans for 8th
Digital Convergence Information
Parent Resource
Device Advice.
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