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William J. Ryan, Ph.D. efolio

A Prezi-folio to share and engage in conversation with you!

William Ryan

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of William J. Ryan, Ph.D. efolio

William J. Ryan, Ph.D.
Welcome to my story, an “e”folio,
of the what, the where,
and the how I am who
I am today…

…and what I can bring
to you and your organization.
I focus on living each day
pursuing knowledge and
seeking wisdom.
I strive to transform the lives I touch to work and support their path to success in every way I can.
I strive to lead a learning

By creating, developing, and nurturing
high performing teams
[Coaching, communicating, collaborating, cheering, counseling, visioning, innovating, challenging each individual to lead and share]
I provide solutions that solve the real problem - creatively, innovatively, and effectively.
From potential to
From experience to
<a href="http://www.linkedin.com/pub/william-ryan/0/620/298">

<img src="http://www.linkedin.com/img/webpromo/btn_viewmy_120x33.png" width="120" height="33" border="0" alt="View William Ryan's profile on LinkedIn">

Bringing it together
I think it is about the people!
I think it is about feelings!
I think it is about the data!
perspectives -
BYOL (bring your own learning!)
The 90's
2010 and beyond!
The 2000's
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
The 80's
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
A look behind and towards tomorrow
BS Technical Communications - 1979
SUNY Brockport
MS Corporate Communications
& Instructional Design - 1987
Ithaca College
Interactive Video Developer
(self study programs, CBT, videodisc, touchscreen systems
Westinghouse Savannah River Company - Courseware Development,
Sr. Training Communications Specialist
(CBT & digital video simulations, EPSS systems, WBT's, early Virtual Reality, development methodology and testing standards within US Dept. of Energy)
Lakeland Community College -
Director of Instructional Technology, VP of Technology & CIO
(led instructional and information tech teams, LMS, degree programs, vidoeconferencing, Y2K, Quarter-to-Semester conversion, training and support for faculty & students, curriculum and design strategies that retained DL students and improved grades)
PhD Computing Technology in Education - 2001
Nova Southeastern University
Humana Inc. -
National Leader of Curriculum & Technology Solutions
(led global team supporting 26K+ employees domestically & globally within Service Operations, reusable objects, shared content design, managed contract workforce 50+ augmenting existing staff across enterprise, DACUM, tracking & reporting systems, integrated web conferencing system for enterprise, learning links integrating procedure documents with contextual help, assessments and remediation)
Almost Family Inc. -
VP Education
, implemented LMS, standardized CE process, developed hybrid leadership & career pathing program, formed cross functional steering committee to prioritize work, developed RN Credentialing program leading to ANCC award, developed plan for Senior Advocacy Community of Care social media portal, and Center for Senior Advocacy Excellence
I leverage existing infrastructure and create innovative learning solutions to reach people at the time, and place, of need.
Customer wanted to ...
Integrate media, text, assessments digitally
Support performance of people anywhere, anytime
Interact globally across enterprise boundaries
Reuse & share content
Develop new leaders
I delivered a solution...
Videodiscs, CD's, Digital Video, LearningSpace, WBT
EPSS tools, Communities of Practice, Web 3.0
Integrated webcams & Social Media tools
Blend learning & relevancy
I bring to you
Strengths I bring
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
The path I am following...
I lead teams working together to:
Create Vision & Strategy
Engage & retain talent
Grow, develop, & nurture people
Grow the business, prioritize
Want to know more? I am interested in feedback, the chance to learn and exchange ideas, please check out my daily curated news updates on Competency Based Education Daily https://paper.li/WmJRyan/1403992943, Performance Learning http://flip.it/PERX5
This works best if you select the
… and then click the forward arrow to
start and advance
(or go backward!)
William J. Ryan, Ph.D.
Solutionist Strategist Technologist
William J. Ryan, Ph.D.
Solutionist Strategist Technologist
Developed a comprehensive & cost-effective CE education and professional development strategy focused on delivering courses internally.
Developed 12 month cohort-based leadership career development program focused on reducing attrition, increasing credentials and certifications, using a hybrid delivery model.
Achieved $250K+ learning cost spend efficiencies in FY11, identified $150K in FY13.
Developed 3 tiered therapy credentialing initiative leading to national certifications.
Developed Clinical Manager certification career ladder via the Institute for Credentialing Excellence & certificate program granted through the University of Phoenix focused on up skilling core competencies, business systems & processes, and leadership
Implemented an integrated Audit tracking system focused on performance support & improvement.
Led enterprise-wide implementation of an integrated learning content management system supporting 26K+ employees in domestic and global internal/outsourced call centers. Partnered with Lines of business to develop curriculum offerings for emerging market trends, technology enhancements, leadership and other evolutionary changes.
Led team of 30 consultants to migrate learning curriculum to a Web-based platform and create modular, shared content objects (SCO’s).
FY10 showed 1500+ shared modules equating to a development cost avoidance of $275K+, building on FY09 savings of $120K+.
800+ active courses with 127K+ assessments were delivered with average score (all attempts) of 90.61% and pass rate of 72.2%.
Managed $2.5M staff augmentation resourcing project to support government changes in Medicare, doubling size in a little over 18 months.
Implemented synchronous global IP-based learning system, integrating shared applications, audio & video with no impact to quality scores or performance metrics.
Developed 31 system application simulations supporting the entire business lifecycle, reducing the learning curve across billing, enrollment and claims teams by several months and errors to 20%.
Define, plan, develop and implement continuing education curriculum, licensing, and training requirements for senior home health care organization. Provide support to 9500+ learners in 11 states with 200+ courses and 150+ contact hours for clinical community, nursing and therapy disciplines. Spearhead process improvement initiatives, requiring close collaboration and buy-in from upper management, HR, Operations and multiple business units. Leading development of a consumer education initiative, a Senior Advocacy Community of Care social media portal, and a Center for Senior Advocacy Excellence focused on knowledge sharing & learning to improve practice and patient care.
- Translator for learning
- Relationship manager
- Content curator
- Performance strategist
- Innovator
- Solution provider
- Learner
- SoMe & metrics advocate
- Competency focused
- Authentic assessment advocate
Align People
Research Analyze
Set Vision
Create social support
Base on
competency, authentically assess
Link ideas
Seek the need
build teams
Move from potential to performance
Find new ways to bring people together
Want more details? Click here:
Contact me via email at:
View my profile!
Kentucky Community & Technical College System

Executive Director
Learn on Demand
. Led competency-based, modularized, 24/7/365 program that allows credit for prior knowledge leading to degrees, certificates, & diplomas. Focused on authentic assessment strategies, adaptive learning technologies, and innovative learner support systems all centered on performance success.

Follow me on Twitter!

• Increased enrollment and revenue by over 250% from AC year 2013-14 to 2014-15.
• Collaborate with national and state policy groups focused on issues pertaining to online learning centered on working adults. Participating in creating a Commonwealth College providing first 2 years for all participating institutions leading to advanced degree options.
• Lead development of innovative authentic assessment strategies, adaptive learning technologies, and learner support systems including success coaches and online tutoring.
• Represent KCTCS at meetings and professional events including the Gates Foundation Personal Learning Network and the Competency-Based Education Network (C-BEN) initiative.
• Provide leadership and direct oversight of assigned staff, including general direction to the 50+ LoD program coordinators, LoD project leaders, and LoD faculty, plan and approve workloads, manage overall performance of assigned staff across the 16 colleges within state system.

Leading development and growth of innovative, modular-based
Learn on Demand
(LoD) program delivering competency-based, online courses while promoting and developing new marketing strategies on a state and national level. Developing LoD goals, objectives and strategies, and identify resources and new programs. Establish policies and procedures to carry out LoD’s mission and program of activities, develops and monitors budget. Procure and manage grants focused on learning technology to advance educational goals, committed to improving verifiable student success and cost savings.
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