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In memory of Trish Waschbisch

No description

Sara Krall

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of In memory of Trish Waschbisch

Trish Waschbisch, who was serving as the Interim Director of Rainbow House Domestic Abuse Services in Marinette, WI, was killed by her boyfriend on April 28, 2013. Trish was a passionate advocate and worked tirelessly to serve domestic violence and sexual assault victims for many years. Her legacy will continue on in the hearts of many as we continue the work to end domestic violence in Wisconsin.
“We form a circle of hope.
We pass the flame to one another.
If my candle goes out, yours will light it.
Together we make a brighter light…
And each candle promises something of its own: that darkness is not the last word.”

- D. McCauley
American Friends Service Committee

The staff and board of Rainbow House were honored in Trish's memory for their unwavering courage and ability to persevere throughout this tragedy at the Governor's Council Awards Ceremony on October 9, 2013. Trish's daughter Lexie and mother Pat accepted this award on her behalf.
We know that those who work in the domestic abuse field are not beyond its reach; yet the loss of one of our own is so hard to bear.

We begin to doubt our ability to move past the tragedy. But, we must re-commit ourselves to the work that was so important to Trish and that she did so well.

We can commit to live our lives with compassion.
We can commit to speaking out against domestic abuse.
We can commit to the daily work of being an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Every time we do this, we take up Trish’s work, we honor her, and we keep her spirit alive.

~Remarks written for Trish's memorial by Ann Brickson of End Abuse
In Memory of Trish Waschbisch
1968 - 2013

As a legal advocate with Rainbow House for 10 years, she was as knowledgeable as she was dedicated. Trish was instrumental in developing WCADV’s curriculum for training legal advocates.
She was also one of End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin's most talented and valued legal trainers.

The week prior to her murder, Trish was presented with an award for her work with the Wisconsin Victim Information and Notification Everyday system, or VINE, and its implementation in Marinette County.
Trish Waschbisch was passionately committed to Rainbow House, to supporting victims, and to helping them find safety and protection.
She was experienced at advocating for individual victims and dedicated to changing systems that failed to respond to their needs.
We miss you, Trish!
When Trish took on the role of Interim Director at Rainbow House in 2011 she acknowledged that it was a challenge, but it was a challenge that she fully embraced on behalf of domestic violence victims in Marinette and Oconto Counties.
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