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No description

Amanda Kaemmerer

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of aMUSE

Main Idea
Juniors learn just how many roles are open to them in the world and the possibilities those roles open for them.

Whether they want to fly a plane, lead a rock band or win a gold medal, aMUSE helps girls take center stage and try out more roles than they ever thought possible, with a little help from Dez and the Muses.

As they find out there is more to their story, girls may feel stronger, walk taller and gain confidence!

It's Your Story - Tell It!

View the interactive
Journey Map available
for each Journey here:

Let’s Break It Down
Sections of the Adult Guide:

1. Summary of the book - Page 8

2. Summary of Awards - Page 12

3. Three keys of leadership - Page 20

4. Sample Sessions at a Glance - Page 27

5. Take Action - Page 76

Navigating the Girl Scout Journey Tip Guide

What Girl Scout Juniors Do

Example of how to do
in a day!


Reach Out! Award - Juniors understand the many roles women and girls play in the world around them and the leadership skills used to play them
Speak Out! Award - Juniors are aware of how stereotypes could hold themselves, and others back from trying on roles, and they Take Action to help stop stereotypes
Try Out! Award - Juniors have the courage, and confidence to try out new roles
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