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Twitter in Libraries

No description

Otis Library

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Twitter in Libraries

Bookish People to Follow
* Disney Hyperion ‏ @DisneyHyperion
* Hyperion Teens ‏ @HyperionTeens
* Jennifer Hubert Swan ‏ @ReadingRants
* Betsy Bird ‏ @FuseEight
* Northshire Bookstore ‏ @NorthshireBooks
* OrigamiYoda ‏ @OrigamiYoda
* R.L. Stine ‏@RL_Stine
* Jeff Kinney ‏ @wimpykid
* Tera Lynn Childs ‏ @teralynnchilds
* Sarah J. Maas ‏ @SJMaas
* Meg Cabot ‏ @megcabot
* Darien Library ‏ @darienlibrary

Heading There
What it Twitter?
* Free social networking site
* Microblogging (140 characters allowed)
* Because of the length, Text talk or IM talk is
sometimes used to save space
* Pictures and links allowed

Signing Up
Twitter for Libraries
Why Use Twitter for Your Library
* Great resource for information (news)
* Interact with people: authors, publishers, librarians, and readers from around the world
*Crowd sourcing, i.e throw out a question--get an answer
Your Profile
Bio: 160 characters or less

The Decor:
Your Icon picture
Your Header
Your Background
Tips and Tricks
Tweet often
Join the conversation and
Follow people back that interest you
Search for topics that interest you with #
Adding Links and Photos to your tweets
Links: Just copy and paste them in, add a description (same goes for photo with a URL)

When you go to create a tweet, there's a camera button on the left - which will allow you to upload a photo.
Tag Someone in the conversation
1. It helps to be following them
2. Use the @ followed by their name so they can see the tweet (similar to Facebook)
The Otis Library Twitter Stream
Our tweets
a Re-tweet
Jennifer Rummel
YA Librarian, Otis Library

You'll be asked for:
*Your full name
*Your email
*Your username (Twitter handle)
*Create a password
*Start following people
When you sign up, you'll be asked to follow at least 20 people. You can search for people by:

* Name
* Topics (books, libraries...)
* Twitter suggestions
* Give Twitter access to your email


Connect with Facebook?
Share your thoughts:
About the books you're reading or excited to read with the author and the publisher

About challenges or great ideas at work to grow your network of librarians and readers
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