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No description

saina hydara

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of #StickIt

#StickIt (working title)
Post-it note campaign against sexism and other social justice issues around us.

Brief Summary
This is a very simple campaign. Basically aims to call out sexism, ageism etc in our everyday lives by literally pointing it out; by sticking a post it note with a response on the given image etc.
Positive Post-it Day
Positive 'post it' note day was started by Caitlin Haacke to combat bullying at her school.
She was inspired by post she saw on Pintrest
Originally it was her writing things such as 'Your a sprinkled cupcake in a world of muffins' on post its and putting it up around school and on people's lockers.
It went viral globally when people began taking pictures of the post it notes and posting it online.
Why is it necessary?
Magazines, Greetings cards, Product packaging, Billboards, Clothing, Comics, Film, TV, Memes, Literature and People are all filled with sexist undertones
There are also issues relating to race, ability, sexual orientation, class etc throughout the media. These need to be tackled because they are as much feminist issues as gender itself.
Every time somebody sees a sexist image we want them to take a picture of it. Write a funny witty response and then take a picture of it.
Then post it online with the #
Wait if women can't think how am I writing this? Aaahh
Oh she's a painter? That's nice
Oh no I'm not grey yet!
Hey this ad isn't funny, just sexist...lol
PSA: Black women are not edible...do not bite us!
Yet they're the only reason we still play sports
The only woman...and you still ran out of clothes for her
How will it be publicized?
Thank You
So we hope that you will join in with our fun campaign and help us to open up these wider conversations.
Geek Feminism:
The way in which oppressive institutions such as Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Trans-phobia, Able-ism, Xenophobia, Class-ism etc are interconnected and cannot be examined separately.
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