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Club Development Report 2015/16

No description

Douglas Porteous

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of Club Development Report 2015/16

Club Development Impact
A partnership between clubs, Active Stirling, ClubSport Stirling and National Governing Bodies of Sport helping create the best environment for sport in Stirling.
Club Development Report 2015/16
Priority 1:
Well Organised Clubs
ClubSport Stirling and their affiliated clubs will have effective governance processes and procedures in place.
Priority 2:
Better Connected Clubs
In partnership with Active Stirling, ClubSport Stirling affiliated clubs will have effective pathways in their community and internally in their own structures.
Priority 3:
Well Promoted Clubs
ClubSport Stirling and Active Stirling will help provide a high profile for clubs and effective communication processes to build this profile.
Investment into Sustainable Clubs
ClubSport Stirling and Active Stirling will invest time and funding into strong sustainable clubs to help grow their work and development for their members.
Priority 5:
Great People in Clubs
ClubSport Stirling and Active Stirling will support the development of coaches and volunteers to ensure that the workforce in clubs is well trained and delivering quality services for their members.
Great Places for Clubs
106 clubs
37 Sports
13 Governing Body Partnerships
Facility Managers
Local & National Agencies
ClubSport Stirling and Active Stirling will support the access to and development of facilities for club training and competition which helps prioritise the work of clubs in their community.
707 Club Visits from the Active Stirling Team to our network of clubs
278 Volunteers PVG Checked through ClubSport Stirling
ClubSport Stirling and Active Stirling have reviewed this priority with 1 specific outcome:
1) Aligning volunteers to the volunteering opportunities that clubs have.
In order to meet the priority outcome an audit of facilities will be conducted to determine the current landscape of facility management in Stirling.
Youth Sport Stirling
We are currently consulting with young people to determine their enthusiasm for a young person's model of ClubSport Stirling with a view to developing in 16/17
*funding awarded includes funding applied for in 2014/15
ClubSport Stirling and Active Stirling have reviewed this priority with 2 specific outcomes:
1) A more robust Charter Club process focussing on real development of clubs

2) Engaging more young people in the organisation of sport in Stirling
Below you will see our club priorities based on the work we have been supporting them with through 15/16
We have supported our clubs increase their profile through a variety of mechanisms including:
- Social media workshops
- Press and media releases
- Community and school promotion
- Social media and website links and news stories
ClubSport Stirling funding has seen £18, 791 invested into 22 club development projects and £7,506 invested into 143 coach scholarships with a further £6073 committed to courses that coaches are still to attend.
Amount of funding we have helped clubs secure*
In partnership with Stirling Council we're developing a volunteering database, Volunteer Kinetic, to help achieve the priority outcome.
ClubSport Stirling and Active Stirling have reviewed this priority with 1 specific outcome:
1) Influence facility managers to prioritise sport in facilities
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