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Visual Thinking / Brown

No description

Derek Bruff

on 22 March 2018

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Transcript of Visual Thinking / Brown

See What I Mean
Visual Thinking Tools for Deep Learning
Derek Bruff, Vanderbilt University
derekbruff.org / @derekbruff
"When students are provided with an organizational structure in which to fit new knowledge,

they learn more effectively and efficiently

than when they are left to deduce this conceptual structure for themselves."
How Learning Works (2010)
"Bookshelf Spectrum, Revisited," chotda, Flickr (CC)
Knowledge Organizations
"Paraguay," NASA Goddard, Flickr (CC)
Dual Coding
"Trellis," http://flic.kr/p/5AffFJ
"Rewriting" Notes
J. Ricky Cox, http://is.gd/DXRCxQ
Reading Sketchnotes
Derek Bruff
Reading List
Jackson Dame
"Your drawing doesn't have to be that good.
Your mind will fill it in."

"It's okay to use words."

Dave Gray, http://is.gd/yksiyN
"Movie Narrative Charts" by xkcd
Coordinate Axes
Source: http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/infographic-dangerous-zombies.html
"Ain't No Making It" by Sarah Stiles & Students, Georgetown U.
Greg Kulowiec's Story: http://is.gd/nGYx3x
Source: http://is.gd/Mp36ua
Ayla Pamukcu's Story: http://is.gd/qOw2k4
Source: http://is.gd/ZPV6l8
Your Turn!
Classic Children's Stories - Posters by Christian Jackson - http://is.gd/2quIWD
"touch-up," Katie Harris, Flickr (CC)
There are no such things as learning styles.
Different content benefits from different teaching modalities.
For the research, see "Teaching at Its Best" by Linda Nilson, Chapter 26.
*Not everyone, of course, since some learners have visual impairments.
People learn better when multiple modalities are used.
Visual thinking tools help everyone.*
"Square Peg, Round Hole," Yoel Ben-Avraham, Flickr (CC)
"Come Feel the Illinoise," Paul Mayne, Flickr (CC)
Don't do this.
"Macro," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
ACLU/ProPublica: http://is.gd/hbC1be
Jennifer Osterhage's Story - http://is.gd/ebWhx
Concept Maps
More on Concept Maps in the Humanities: http://is.gd/d4SPaW
Derek's Story - http://is.gd/OXUp2x
Timelines + Tiki-Toki
Elizabeth Meadows, Vanderbilt U.: http://is.gd/3cnD13
Details: http://derekbruff.org/?p=3143
More on Timelines: http://bit.ly/2fE5Q7W
A Little Theory
John Damaso's story: http://bit.ly/2fh3H3J
Visual Thinking Tools
Visual Thinking
Take a sticky note and a marker. Doodle an idea for using visual thinking tools in teaching.
Key principle:
Spatial arrangements convey meaning.
Interactive version: http://bit.ly/2ftKHfT
Cynthia Brame's story: http://bit.ly/2ftKIQZ
Warm Up!
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