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Welcome to the 12th grade

Overview of 12th grade 5 point English 2017-2018

Adele Raemer

on 4 September 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to the 12th grade

Welcome to your LAST YEAR IN SCHOOL!!
This is your last year in high school!
This year for the literature program we will learn a poem and a play!
You will be reading a lot...
The literature work and your 5 book reports will be your Bagrut grade for Module F.
....and for that you will need a small notebook.

We will continue working on the literature program....
You will be using computers A LOT!
Be sure to save your Project from 10th grade because.......
You will need to keep all of the work we do for the poem and play, and at the end write a Personal Response.
And for all this we have our class site:

What will be added to your Module F Grade this year?
Two graded tasks:
one from the poem
one from the play.
Another book report

Bagrut this year:

Module G Exam:

Reading Comprehension

Oral Bagrut
Project presentation
This year, too, each lesson will begin with 10 minutes of reading.
Reading strategies
Lots of oral work
Library book
Written presentation: Compositions
Dictionary strategies
Digital activities

Notebook sections

In order to keep track of your work easily, I highly recommend dividing your notebook like this:

Tests and quizzes

Your grade for Module G will be calculated as follows:

Tests 40%
Writing (Compositions) 20%
Work with grade (classwork and homework) 20%
Quizzes (grammar and vocabulary) 10%
Responsibility / behavior 10%

Total 100

It's going to be a GREAT year!!!!!!
What are YOUR main goals for 12th Grade English?
How do you plan to achieve them?
What do you plan to do this year to do this year to succeed even MORE?
What do you need ME to do, the help you achieve your goals?
Remember: this quote is from one of the teachers who taught in THIS SCHOOL!
Please send me a WhatsApp NOW, with your name. 0547916468
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